Day 15 – A song that describes you

The song is Bring on the Day by Charlotte Martin from the movie Sweet Home Alabama which is one of the movies that I like. I think the song rocks and I love it because there are lines that I can relate to and the song describes how I want to face the day even if I don’t know how everything will turn out. At times when I feel like my day is off to a bad start, “bring on the day” is what I say to myself because I know I will still get by. It’s kind of a motivational song for me too in that it reminds me to be ready to get ready and keep on.

Well I’m feeling like I’m falling
I’m still on my feet
Reality is calling
That don’t bother me
‘coz I’m on my way
I’m ok

I’m ready to get ready
Willing to get by
Able to imagine what it’s like to fly
Into the blue, it’s all down too

Hey, hey, hey
Come on Bring on the day
Cause I just might get everything I need
Hey, hey, hey
Give ’em what it takes
I’m ready as I’m ever gonna be
So, bring on the day

What you get is what you see
Open up your eyes
Let it set you free
It all works out eventually
Gotta keep on keep on
I can rock, and I can roll
I know I wanna move, gotta take control
Watch out world cause here I come
And I can’t stop till I’m done


Chuck and Shobe

It’s Girls Talk time again!

In this week’s Techie Talk, GT encourages us girl bloggers to write about the gadgets we’d die to get our hands on or the gadgets we already own but still can’t get enough of.

I thought I’d shine the spotlight on my two techie loves: Chuck and Shobe – yes, I give my gadgets names – because while I am crushing on a few spiffy gadgets and even admit to falling in love with the red HP Mini Vivienne Tam  netbook when it came out years ago and the little red Sony Vaio P-series netbook, they’re not something I’m dying to get my hands on. I have after all, simple techie needs and  my babies Chuck and Shobe meet them wonderfully.

Chuck as you now is my ASUS EEE PC 900 netbook, named after Chuck from one of my favorite TV series Chuck.

I bought Chuck almost three years ago, a little after it came out in the market. It is a Linux baby which suits me perfectly because I don’t have to worry about nasty viruses. Being the giddy new owner that I was, I lost no time in building my music collection. Then two years ago, during my grandma’s wake I accidentally spilled a cup of coffee on Chuck’s keyboard. I thought I was going to lose Chuck. But thankfully, after a few months in comatose and I was able to get Chuck’s keyboard replaced and now Chuck’s back in action. Having lost all my files before, one of the first things I did after having Chuck back running was to build a music collection again. One of its two drives is now filled to the limit with my new music collection which makes me a happy camper because as long as I can enjoy my music, surf the internet, blog, watch movies and my favorite TV series and work on school stuff on OpenOffice, I’m good.

Shobe, which means little sister in Chinese, is my red Blackberry Curve.

I named my redberry Shobe because I like to think of it as Chuck’s little sister. I got Shobe the day after my little sister’s birthday in August last year. Shobe came as a surprise for me because I was quite contented with my Nokia before and had no plans of buying a new phone. Then the heavens intervened and I got the phone that I had only been dreaming of — in red! Okay, it was more like my credit card’s exclusive tie-up promo with Globe and really supportive parents who encouraged me to go for it. Haha. Still, I’ve got to thank God for such amazing timing.

What I love most about Shobe (aside from being a pretty red phone, LOL) is that it serves as a little stand-in for Chuck whenever I can’t bring Chuck along with me. With Shobe I can also enjoy my music, surf the internet and blog where there’s free wifi, and scroll through and work on my notes for school with its document reader. It’s already been eight months with Shobe and I still love my baby/BB/whatever to bits.

While I clearly spend most of my day facing Chuck, there’s no sibling rivalry here. I just Plurk/blog/surf the net more often than I text or call. But just the same, I still cannot get enough of these two.

Day 14 – A song that no one would expect you to love

Because it’s not rock and it’s French. My friends who are familiar with my musical preferences know that while I venture into other genres, I rarely take the “other indie” road. “Indie” as in indi-maintindihan. German band Rammstein is the exception to this though.

And now, I’m adding Carla Bruni‘s song L’Amoureuse to the exception. I heard it on an episode from the third season of Chuck, the one where he takes on his first solo mission and meets Kristin Kreuk while flying first class. I’d love to share with you the music video which I really love but embedding is disabled (sucks, I know).

So here’s another song from Carla Bruni, Quelqu’un m’a dit. It’s something I also love listening to after first hearing it on (500) Days of Summer.

Do you like “indie” too?

Day 13 – A song that is a guilty pleasure

Truth be told, I never cared much for this song nor for the old band that sang it. Until  Dean Winchester sang this one in Supernatural season 2 episode 5. Then as they say the rest is history. I’ve fallen in love…. with Dean Winchester singing Can’t Fight This Feeling. LOL.

And now I can’t help but feel kilig when I hear this song. But no, I’m still not a fan of REO Speedwagon. Just Dean Winchester.


Weekly Photo Challenge: One

I got caught up in my 30-day song challenge that for a while I kind of forgot to keep tabs on my weekly blogging challenge from The DailyPost. Good enough before the next weekly photo challenge comes up, I can post my entry for this week with One as the inspiration.

Early last year, news of one mango from Iligan City weighing 3.5 kilograms,  which set the new world record as the biggest mango, certified by The Guinness Book of World Records came out.

And this is me, getting that one amazing chance to have a photo taken with the record-breaking mango before the mango got certified by Guinness and the news broke out.

One HUGE mango!

All thanks to our wonderful neighbors, the Bodiongans, who owned the mango! This was taken at their house when the family was invited to a birthday lunch.

Day 12 – A song from a band you hate

I tend to forget the bands that I hate because I just ignore them and avoid hearing them. And if in case any of their songs graze my ear, I block the memory and wash away the sound with songs that I would much rather hear.

That being said, it’s a bit hard to recall a band I hate. Maybe if I was asked which groups or solo artists that I hate, I would have happily rattled off a few names. But bands, let me collect my thoughts for a while.

I’m most likely to hate mainstream bands though. Those bands that get frequent airtime on the radio you can’t help but hear them ALL. THE. TIME. Those bands with songs that become everybody’s favorite song. Those bands with videos clogging Facebook walls.

Okay, sorry about all that unnecessary prattle. I’ve just spent a day in bed curled up with a legal thriller so my brain is extra hyper today causing me to be extra chatty when I write. Words just tumble and spill out and I can’t help but write them into this post. Haha.

Where were we? Right, a song from a band I hate. The one band that I can think of right now is Panic! at the Disco and the song is Nine in the Afternoon.

Photo credit

Sorry if anyone who reads this like them. I posted a link to their video to appease you. Why them? Why that song? Once upon a time, when my little sister was so fascinated with that band, that song was overly played and it was kind of annoying to be hearing Nine in the Afternoon at nine in the morning or three in the afternoon.

My little sister and I have diverse musical tastes so I’ll also assume that she feels as much hatred for my loud rock bands. Haha.

Day 11 – A song from your favorite band

Garbage will always be that special favorite band for me. It is one of the female-fronted bands that made me get over my Spice Girls phase after realizing that girl rockers personify “Girl Power” more than the pop girl group.

Photo credit

I remember having the above photo as my binder cover back in  college. Haha! Yes, I loved them that much. And what makes Garbage more special? Shirley Manson — my favorite rocker girl.

Photo credit

With her piercing green eyes and fierce red hair (which she cut real short and dyed blond too)  and edgy, rebellious style in short dresses, boots and smoky eye makeup, she looks every inch a model or a celebrity than a rock band frontwoman. Well, she did model for Calvin Klein and she eventually starred in the TV series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

But when she sings with that voice which one of her bandmates describes as “sometimes scary, sometimes dreamy, sometimes sexy, sometimes psychotic” she transforms to every inch the rock star that she is. And with the musical talents of Butch Vig, Steve Marker and Duke Erikson (Yay, I still remember their names all after all these years!) listening to Garbage is always a rocking treat for me. If I wrote this post a year or two ago, I would have been proud to add that I have a collection of all their albums saved in my computer. Unfortunately, after Chuck’s near-death experience, I transferred all my files to the now-defunct desktop computer and haven’t rebuilt my collection again. Old favorites may be lost but they are never forgotten.

And here are two of my early favorites from Garbage: Stupid Girl and Only Happy When It Rains. Yes, two because I’m torn between which song/video to post. Haha!