Get-togethers and getaways

I left off at July the last time I blogged in retrospect. I think I owe it to my blog to update it once in a while, so here’s looking back to August, September and October in photo collages. I’m starting to love this once-in-a-couple-of-months bulk blogging, though. Haha.

August: dear youngest sister’s 18th birthday dinner at Sunburst

September: after-exam dinner with classmates at Iliganon (photos from Joyce)

September: Dee and Greggy’s wedding at St. Ignatius de Loyola Chapel, Patag and reception N Hotel (photos from Coi and Dee)

October: tapok with stat classmates (photos from Diane)

Halo-halo get-togethers: Coffee at Aruma with Sam, Fiah and Dee | Sundaes at Ice Castle with Fiah | Sun-date at Thai Me Up | Bo’s Coffee with B and A | Pizzarella with B and A | Aruma with Ate Karl and Ate Sweeky | Late lunch at Vienna Kaffeehaus with B, M and A

As for November, it was off to a fun start with a weekend getaway with the barkada to Jasaan.

Day 1 – Monte Richi Beach Resort (photos from Bee, Ma and Tats)

Day 2 – Agutayan IslandĀ (photos from Bee, Ma and Tats)

Here’s to hoping the rest of November will be just as fun. šŸ™‚



On Easter Break

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No cooking today.

I have all the ingredients for something sweet I’m excited to make. But we just got back from grocery shopping and the family has a special double birthday dinner party to celebrate with family friends later, so I’m out of time for my sweet treat.

Hopefully, I can do some baking *clue* within the week. *fingers crossed*

What’s Cooking: Siopao!

It’s Sunday once again and as with the previous Sundays, it’s my cooking day again. I think I’d like to make this a regular thing so here’s to hoping I can commit myself to learning a new recipe every week. This Sunday’s cooking is more special than the past Sundays because (1) siopao is one of my biggest favorites andĀ  (2) I got some help from my dear Nanay. Okay, it was her idea that we make siopao today because we’re always craving for siopao. I thought it would be tough to make but when you have a Hotel and Restaurant Management teacher for a mother who handles cooking subjects to guide you, things don’t seem so tough anymore.

So this mother-daughter kitchen collaboration was actually a one-on-one cooking class and fun bonding moment rolled into one yummy siopao recipe.

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