Get-togethers and getaways

I left off at July the last time I blogged in retrospect. I think I owe it to my blog to update it once in a while, so here’s looking back to August, September and October in photo collages. I’m starting to love this once-in-a-couple-of-months bulk blogging, though. Haha.

August: dear youngest sister’s 18th birthday dinner at Sunburst

September: after-exam dinner with classmates at Iliganon (photos from Joyce)

September: Dee and Greggy’s wedding at St. Ignatius de Loyola Chapel, Patag and reception N Hotel (photos from Coi and Dee)

October: tapok with stat classmates (photos from Diane)

Halo-halo get-togethers: Coffee at Aruma with Sam, Fiah and Dee | Sundaes at Ice Castle with Fiah | Sun-date at Thai Me Up | Bo’s Coffee with B and A | Pizzarella with B and A | Aruma with Ate Karl and Ate Sweeky | Late lunch at Vienna Kaffeehaus with B, M and A

As for November, it was off to a fun start with a weekend getaway with the barkada to Jasaan.

Day 1 – Monte Richi Beach Resort (photos from Bee, Ma and Tats)

Day 2 – Agutayan IslandĀ (photos from Bee, Ma and Tats)

Here’s to hoping the rest of November will be just as fun. šŸ™‚



Goodbye Summer!

Last day of May. And here I am trying to finish this post before the day finally ends. Since my last post, life has picked up speed, gotten busy and caused me to lose that bloggin’ feeling (woaah that bloggin’ feeling) Go ahead, sing along!

Although the busy part has been the good kind of busy — being with the family and vacationing relatives and enjoying some quality bonding time. Dear sisterĀ  no. 1 arrived home from Bacolod for dear tatay’s birthday, which was two days prior to dear aunt’s (dear mother’s younger sis, who we fondly call Mummy) birthday. That’s two special occasions for us every May but what’s even more special this year is that it was Mummy’s big 50th birthday so dear mother’s other sisters from Cotabato City and Oroquieta City came, brought our cousins and what came next was a crazy fun reunion of sorts.

Dear Tatay's birthday

Calda Pizza night out

Dear Mummy's birthday

And if there’s a good kind of busy, there’s also a not-so-good kind of busy: the opening of another stressful new school year with new class sections to boot. I still prefer our old section names, Cicero and Plato, to these new ones taken from Chief Justices (the other section’s Teehankee). But new section names are the least of our worries. These subjects, on the other hand, are our greatest worries (and stress and fears, haha)


So that ends my summer blogging fling. But no, not the end of Chuck and Dee… yet.

Weekly Photo Challenge: One

I got caught up in my 30-day song challenge that for a while I kind of forgot to keep tabs on my weekly blogging challenge from The DailyPost. Good enough before the next weekly photo challenge comes up, I can post my entry for this week with One as the inspiration.

Early last year, news of one mango from Iligan City weighing 3.5 kilograms,Ā  which set the new world record as the biggest mango, certified by The Guinness Book of World Records came out.

And this is me, getting that one amazing chance to have a photo taken with the record-breaking mango before the mango got certified by Guinness and the news broke out.

One HUGE mango!

All thanks to our wonderful neighbors, the Bodiongans, who owned the mango! This was taken at their house when the family was invited to a birthday lunch.

Day 12 – A photograph of the town you live in

Some things about me:

  1. I live in Iligan City, the city of magnificent waterfalls.
  2. I don’t have awesome photography skills to take equally awesome scenic shots.
  3. My 3-year old Canon Powershot has been resting in peace in my desk drawer since December.

So for today’s blog challenge, I took to google-ing a photo of Iligan City and here’s one really gorgeous shot of our city’s pride, Maria Cristina Falls:

Got the photo here where you can also read an interesting story about the legend of the waterfalls.

Day 10 ā€“ A photo of your favorite place to eat

Photo credits here.

Iligan City’s good ol’ Sunburst restaurant. A lot of restaurants have burgeoned here already but Sunburst remains to be a family favorite not only for the good food (we seem to order the same things every time) but also because dining here kind of feels like home. We’re not really big on parties and would rather enjoy small celebrations and for years now, we’ve preferred celebrating birthday dinners here with the closest family friends instead of throwing parties at home. Sometimes we make up small excuses to “celebrate” at Sunburst and sometimes, well, we go there just for the mere craving of their unequaled fried chicken. It may not be the fanciest place, but as there’s no place like home, there’s also no dining place like one that feels like home.