Day 22 – A letter to someone who has hurt you recently


As Sheryl Crow puts it, “If it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad.”

I hope you’re happy.

xoxo. D


ROFL. That’s just for lack of something to post on the topic. I don’t really harbor hurt feelings – I just brush them off and then hate that person for all eternity. I KID! But seriously, for the record, while there are some people I’m peeved at, no one’s hurt me recently worth precious effort writing to. Hah.


Day 20 – The meaning behind your blog name

I am Dee.

Although in the URL there are 3 e’s because iamdee isn’t available. Boo.

I know it sounds I am Sam-ish but after toying with a couple of potential unique blog names – even trying out random name generators – the whole thing became quite cumbersome, I figured I didn’t want to be unique. I wanted to be ME, Dee. Simple just like that.

And it couldn’t get any simpler with I AM DEE.

Day 18 – Something you crave a lot

Craving is not just entirely about food, yes?

Beyond my gastronomic desire for  all the yummy things I can think about now – McDonald’s big mac & twister fries, dark chocolates, Chowking’s siomai and siopao, Pringles, sour cream & onion flavored popcorn, Shakey’s mojo potatoes & thin crust pizza, Taco Bell’s tacos & cheesy fiesta potatoes, some beef randang and blueberry cheesecake – there’s nothing quite like my longing for one thing: AN IDYLLIC BEACH GETAWAY.

It’s like I could close my eyes and already feel the sand on my toes and the sun and sea breeze on my bare back.

But then again, this ought to be filed under “Something you wish would happen soon” or “Dream on”.

Guess I’ll settle for the twister fries instead. McDonald’s after work. Yay!

Day 17 – A photo of you and your family

Taken during Dear Tatay’s 50something-th birthday last May. Sister 1 was able to come home from Bacolod, where she’s working to celebrate with us, and it’s during moments like this that we only get to have a family picture taken. See, we’re really not much of a family-picture-taking family – we even forgot to take a family photo last Christmas. Or maybe it was the Christmas before that. Haha.

Off topic: I kind of miss my long-ish hair here.

P.S. Excuse the hiatus. Evil final exams rolled in, and well, I wasn’t in my best blogging mood – not when you’re stressed, sleep-deprived and have I mentioned stressed?

Day 16 – Your celebrity crush

Er, how about crushes?

So many hawt hollywood men, why deprive myself of so much eye candy by just settling for one crush? HAHA.