And it feels so good. <3<3<3 Supernatural season 7 premiered on September 23, well, September 24 here with the first episode directed by Jensen Ackles. My Dean Winchester.


Looking forward to Supernatural weekends again! <3<3<3


September stress

It’s only mid-September and I feel like I’ve been swamped with stress enough to last me the entire month. The more stressed I get, the more mess I make.

My desk in its usual state of disarray

Desk full, I’ve made the dining table my study desk in the mornings.

Mess magnet: bringing the mess to the dining room

At night, my “study table” is my desk chair placed beside my bed (where studying is absolutely a bad idea, haha). The study lamp sits beside my pillow. It’s a crazy clutter, something you don’t wanna see. Haha!

Yesterday, at the height of my trying-to-beat-the-deadline stress, our dining table looked like this

I’ve de-cluttered now though. Sort of.

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Long weekend — MSU’s 50th Foundation Day!

Truth be told, I really didn’t plan on going to MSU for the Foundation Day, but as our Assistant Dean made our participation in the Foundation Day parade a clearance item, I had no choice but to suck up all my sulking and join my classmates and schoolmates on a trip to MSU which turned out to be so much fun. Warning: photo overload!

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