It’s been one hell of a hiatus!

I wish I could say I’ve been really busy just to have some lousy excuse for not blogging, but truth is I’ve just been a lazy, uninspired blogger of late. I think I’ve fallen deep into the dreary realm of ‘boringness’ because more than ever, I’ve developed a bigger love for sleeping — blame it on the perfect bed weather. So if I’m not reading for class, running errands, playing Sims Social on Facebook or catching up on my three favorite TV series, I’m curled up under the sheets, dreaming of codal provisions and whatever it is that frazzled law students are dreaming of.

I’m about to surrender to sleep now too. Right after I click ‘Send’ on the menu and publish this entry. Thanks to the WordPress app on my phone, I can blog while waiting for sleep to come. Hah.

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