Day Seventeen #febphotoaday


Study, er, cramming time at Tedt’s.

Hung out with N at Tedt’s for some creamy chicken pasta and iced tea (not in photo, haha) before heading to school. I miss times like this. I don’t get to hang out with my closest girl friends F, N and D from school that often anymore and I just miss the crazy laughter and chika over our favorite after-class comfort food: McDonald’s fries and coke float.

But we’ll have Consti Week, right girls? And September. Miss you 3!

p.s. Photo was really taken yesterday, but internet was crappy last night, I wasn’t able to post this. So I’m antedating this post. Sneaky.

Day Fifteen #febphotoaday


Remember the Nokia 3210?

I went foraging the bodega for my first phone. The BlackBerry has had its fair share of publicity already, it’s high time to give this baby its moment to shine. The parents gave me this phone when I was a freshman in college. Don’t ask when that was. But the 3210 was still so cool back then. Haha. This phone and I shared some good five years together. That and clumsy moments, unforgettable memories, special text messages written down in my old diary (heehee), and personalized logos (my favorites were the Metallica and Korn band logos) and picture messages. Remember them? Much as I love my BB, if there’s one phone that’s really, really special, it has to be this one — my first love.

Day Thirteen #febphotoaday


I got this one from my sister who has a small collection of wrist rosaries. I carry around in my bag a crystal rosary (also from my sister) but I want something I can wear everyday, hence this wrist rosary. I added a small medal of St. Therese of Lisieux because it reminds me of the Carmelite nuns we used to visit in Carmel Hill in Marawi City back when my sister and I were kids. It was from them that I first learned of St. Therese’s story. The Sto. Niño medal is a souvenir from a trip to Cebu with B when we visited the Sto. Niño Church. Now, I’m looking forward to adding more memorable saint medals to my bracelet — kinda like my own religious charm bracelet.

Day Eleven #febphotoaday

makes me happy


A few days ago, my classmate and our college’s student council secretary, Joyce asked me for possible theme suggestions for our upcoming Constitutional Week celebration. After what Sendong did to Iligan as a result of the unscrupulous violations of our environmental laws, our theme now would touch on the law and the environment. I submitted 3 suggestions and just this morning, Joyce texted me with the good news that our Assistant Dean chose my suggestion No.2. Now, Joyce has posted this on our year level’s FB page and I’m just happy to be bringing pride to my year level. Go, 4th year!

Day Ten #febphotoaday

self portrait

Dee circa 2009.

I don’t look photoworthy today so I dug up old photos I took of myself instead. I don’t have much mug shots to choose from because most photos I took of myself are outfit shots sans my face. Haha. I don’t remember taking this though. Must be one of those days where I woke up and just thought of taking a self photo. Totally random.