Get-togethers and getaways

I left off at July the last time I blogged in retrospect. I think I owe it to my blog to update it once in a while, so here’s looking back to August, September and October in photo collages. I’m starting to love this once-in-a-couple-of-months bulk blogging, though. Haha.

August: dear youngest sister’s 18th birthday dinner at Sunburst

September: after-exam dinner with classmates at Iliganon (photos from Joyce)

September: Dee and Greggy’s wedding at St. Ignatius de Loyola Chapel, Patag and reception N Hotel (photos from Coi and Dee)

October: tapok with stat classmates (photos from Diane)

Halo-halo get-togethers: Coffee at Aruma with Sam, Fiah and Dee | Sundaes at Ice Castle with Fiah | Sun-date at Thai Me Up | Bo’s Coffee with B and A | Pizzarella with B and A | Aruma with Ate Karl and Ate Sweeky | Late lunch at Vienna Kaffeehaus with B, M and A

As for November, it was off to a fun start with a weekend getaway with the barkada to Jasaan.

Day 1 – Monte Richi Beach Resort (photos from Bee, Ma and Tats)

Day 2 – Agutayan IslandĀ (photos from Bee, Ma and Tats)

Here’s to hoping the rest of November will be just as fun. šŸ™‚



Too late for roses

We women have to stick together. Well, not too close together, or some fabulous single guy might think we’re not into men.

Goes a quote from some scrapbook sticker my best friend and I picked at the mall yesterday for our planner. It’s funny because it has become a yearly thing for my best girl friends and I to get together for some post-valentines day single girls night out where we enjoy great food, drinks and lots of girl talk and celebrate independence, freedom and being carefree.

B and A’s busy schedules wonderfully freed up allowing us to get together at CDO last night. We were also joined by three more fabulously single girl friends, Ate Di, Ai and Ate Mats, who all happened to be in CDO too, for dinner. So what followed was a fun single girls slash blog/twitter buddies reunion dinner at Siam, enjoying great Thai food, laughter, girl talk and snapshot moments. Fun times, fun times.

Photo collage effect by

After dinner, we split up and the three of us, B, A and I headed to Cafe Macumba for some drinks and live band music. It felt like high school all over again when the bands played our favorite 90’s music. We were like our giddy high school selves, singing along to songs we knew by heart. More girl talk, more laughter.

We changed our minds about checking out a bar after we couldn’t get a proper parking space so we decided to cap off our night out with a midnight caffeine fix at Coffeeworks instead, which was a better idea because when we got there, the branch at Divisoria wasn’t packed and we got to have the place all to ourselves before the caffeine-seekers came trickling in. B loves their frappes while A and I went for their tall hot yummy concoctions.

Photo from Coffeeworks photo gallery

Heading back to B’s pad, we decided to have a movie marathon but we all fell asleep before the first movie, Tangled, was over which goes to show we’re not cut out for staying up until the wee, wee morning hours anymore, haha!

We enjoyed Sunday brunch at Pancake House and had our very filling share of their yummy pancakes, waffles and the best tacos in town.

Photo collage effect by

After getting our food fix, it was time for errands, a.k.a. our little shopping fix where we ended up splurging on stuff we weren’t really supposed to get but did anyway because we are each other’s biggest shopping supporters. Haha.

So goes our usual weekend get together. Time flies when you’re having fun and before you know it, it’s back to the daily grind as another busy work/school week begins.

And I wonder when the next weekend getaway will be.