Get-togethers and getaways

I left off at July the last time I blogged in retrospect. I think I owe it to my blog to update it once in a while, so here’s looking back to August, September and October in photo collages. I’m starting to love this once-in-a-couple-of-months bulk blogging, though. Haha.

August: dear youngest sister’s 18th birthday dinner at Sunburst

September: after-exam dinner with classmates at Iliganon (photos from Joyce)

September: Dee and Greggy’s wedding at St. Ignatius de Loyola Chapel, Patag and reception N Hotel (photos from Coi and Dee)

October: tapok with stat classmates (photos from Diane)

Halo-halo get-togethers: Coffee at Aruma with Sam, Fiah and Dee | Sundaes at Ice Castle with Fiah | Sun-date at Thai Me Up | Bo’s Coffee with B and A | Pizzarella with B and A | Aruma with Ate Karl and Ate Sweeky | Late lunch at Vienna Kaffeehaus with B, M and A

As for November, it was off to a fun start with a weekend getaway with the barkada to Jasaan.

Day 1 – Monte Richi Beach Resort (photos from Bee, Ma and Tats)

Day 2 РAgutayan Island (photos from Bee, Ma and Tats)

Here’s to hoping the rest of November will be just as fun. ūüôā



Family Affair

It’s all about Summer Time in Girls Talk this May. And first up in this month’s blogging series is about the most memorable summer.

I have two summers in mind. One was spent with my sisters and close family friends’ kids in Manila back in 2003, our first summer together away and without our parents. We stayed with another close family friend who took all of us on a fun road trip from Tagaytay to Enchanted Kingdom to Baguio to Vigan (my favorite!) and Ilocos Norte where we got to enjoy their private beach at Ambucao and stayed at their ancestral home in Sta. Maria. Unfortunately, I’ve no pictures to show for it because we didn’t have our own digicams back then. That fun summer trip would have made for some great picture taking.

The second one, I’ve already written a bit about before — my 2008 Boracay summer with the family and relatives. My sister who was¬† working in Iloilo that time has been planning for us to enjoy summer in Boracay and as if the universe conspired, one of our relatives in Iloilo, TitaM is based in Boracay with her husband, TitoJ who co-owns and manages a beach house in Boracay, smack right in Station 1. When dear Nanay told her sisters about our summer trip, my aunts and cousins were more than happy to come along.

So it turned out to be a fun bigger family summer getaway and together we enjoyed beautifully decorated accommodations, a wonderful Boracay sunset, a serene early morning walk, the white sand beach, fun night outs, spotting a few celebs, marveling at the scenery and most importantly, special family bonding moments.


I’m taking a break from photo challenges for my PostAWeek Challenge because I¬† just couldn’t pass up Topic #102 from The DailyPost:

Make a top ten list of favorite things to do you haven’t done in over a year.

Here goes:

1. Write poetry. I stopped writing poetry a couple of years ago because the words, inspiration and mood have already eluded me. A really, really long writer’s block. I tried writing again about about two years ago when a friend asked me to come up with lyrics for their band’s song. Then I stopped writing again. Recently, I dug out some old poems I wrote and little by little I’m starting to warm up to the thought of attempting to write again, which reminds me: I’ve been asked to write another lyrics to a song. I hope I get in the right mindset to work on it. *crosses fingers*

2. Do surveys. No, not the statistical surveys I studied and analyzed in my major back in college. Those fun surveys that were a hit back in Friendster. Remember them? My Multiply blog friends and I used to enjoy them before.¬† The playlist survey. The what’s-in-your-closet survey. The top 3 or 4 or 5 survey. How about we revive the fun back again?

3. Play The Sims 3. I fell for The Sims 1 hook, line and sinker the first time I got to play it at a family friends house. When we got home, I bugged my dear father to no end to download the game and spent sleepless nights controlling these simulated people. Haha. I eagerly awaited and downloaded The Sims 2 and its expansion packs when it came out and finally The Sims 3 and its expansion packs. Yes, I am a Sims addict. Well, was because it’s been quite some time since I last played because our desktop computer died. Playing the game on a laptop isn’t the same. Plus it crashes a lot so I gave up on it. But that doesn’t mean I stopped thinking about it. Haha.

Photo credit

4. Watch sine. And to think I did this every weekend for almost a year back in Manila some 3 or 4 years ago. Well, back then I was living independently¬† and working and had to have my own weekend chill out time before facing another work week. And my idea of enjoying some weekend down time back then was having solo movie trips at my favorite mall’s cinema with a bucket of popcorn and a large drink. Coming back home in 2007, my preferences changed and the homebody in me realized that it was more fun downloading movies and TV series to watch in marathon on lazy days. With the occasional big bowl of popcorn and large drink.

5. Take fun tests. Remember Blogthings? HelloQuizzy? Quizbox? Are you a Nerd, a Geek or a Dork? What’s the hidden meaning behind your name? What chocolate dessert are you? What color is your name? What’s your travel horoscope? I’m a Pure Nerd, by the way.

6. Do something DIY-ish. Like painting my own window frames or building a wonky book shelf.

7. What-I’m-Lovin’ Wednesdays and The Obesession Files. The What-I’m-Lovin’ Wednesday is a short-spanned series I impulsively started in my old Multiply blog just for the love of it. It’s a little weekly feature of 3 things that I’m loving. It has evolved to The Obsession Files where I document what I’m obsessing over from black chandeliers to the color blue to Supernatural’s Dean Winchester.

8. Watch a concert. I love listening to live bands and my favorite concert experience was during one of the UP fair concerts at the UP sunken garden back in 2008. I screamed my lungs out to bands I loved such as Soapdish, Silent Sanctuary, Itchyworms, Spongecola, Sino Sikat, Sugarfree, Chicosci and Mojofly. I was so close to the stage to see how cute¬† Protein Shake’s Tutti, Spongecola’s Yael and Armo, Chicosci’s Miggy and Mong and Mojofly’s Ali Alijandro were. The last concert I have been to was MYMP’s when they came here to promote their concert promoting their album “Now” was the last concert I watched. And yes that was ages ago because the band was still together.

9. Enjoy the beach. Like I said, despite the abundance of beautiful beaches in the country, I rarely get to enjoy them. Boracay with the family was a long time ago as was Duka Bay with my best friends B and A. Our recent attempt to have some beach fun failed we enjoyed swimming in the pool at a resort instead.

10. Make top ten lists. ‘Nuff said.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ocean

This is a delayed Week 5 post, but the weekly photo challenge from The DailyPost hasn’t changed themes yet, so I guess I’m not too late after all. Anyway, this week’s theme is Ocean.

I like to think I’m a big beach bum underneath. There’s nothing more relaxing than being in a beautiful white sand beach, basking in the sun, feeling the fine sand on your toes and the breeze blowing through your hair. Throw in a good book and a chilled drink to enjoy while under the shade of a palm tree and I’m in heaven.

Thing is, despite the abundance of beautiful beaches here in the Philippines, I haven’t been to a lot… yet. That’s something I have to work into my bucket list somehow.

For this week’s challenge, here’s something taken about three or four summers ago at Puka Beach in Boracay where I had one of the best weekend getaways with my family and relatives. Yes, we were a fun, crazy bunch of 11!

It’s summer again and I can feel the summer heat beckoning me to hit the beach already. Best girl friends, if you’re reading this, where to this time?

Day 18 ‚Äď Something you crave a lot

Craving is not just entirely about food, yes?

Beyond my gastronomic desire for¬† all the yummy things I can think about now – McDonald’s big mac & twister fries, dark chocolates, Chowking’s siomai and siopao, Pringles, sour cream & onion flavored popcorn, Shakey’s mojo potatoes & thin crust pizza, Taco Bell’s tacos & cheesy fiesta potatoes, some beef randang and blueberry cheesecake – there’s nothing quite like my longing for one thing: AN IDYLLIC BEACH GETAWAY.

It’s like I could close my eyes and already feel the sand on my toes and the sun and sea breeze on my bare back.

But then again, this ought to be filed under “Something you wish would happen soon” or “Dream on”.

Guess I’ll settle for the twister fries instead. McDonald’s after work. Yay!