Al ♥ Raico

I’ll try to tackle one blogging backlog at a time. Like anyone cares. Hah. But humor me. I’ve missed blogging and I’m taking baby steps again at this frequent blog updating thing because as you might have (or have not) noticed we kind of have an on-off relationship — like a love affair I can’t keep up with. Haha.

Speaking of love, it seemed to ease its way in before love month even began what with my high school classmates’ wedding just this weekend. Al and Raico got married in a fancy Muslim wedding at the Marawi Resort Hotel (Ayala) on Sunday, January 29. It was also the perfect occasion for a grand get-together with high school classmates, some of whom I haven’t seen in a long time. The weekend was all about fun, laughter, more fun, food,  more laughter, more food, photos, photos, photos and love, love, love! Great way to end the month and welcome the month of hearts.

Here are some of the photos I grabbed from B, K, Jun and Wing’s Facebook albums.

EDIT — loaded with more photos from S‘ Facebook album.

The day before the wedding, we all hung out at Joe’s new house in Matampay.

meson reunited!

ayala. ashy. me

girls + self-timer shot.

before we attack our fave msu food: mom's pizza and comcen chicken bbq!

licka. me. hannah. bee. ashie. kits. tats. aliah. joe. april. minang. raico. ayala.

us girls again.

them boys. al. jun. pye. wing.

self-timer again.

and again....

and again...

and again!

ashy. my coffee and i.

bee. me. ashy.


Dropped by at Ayala. More photos.

Wedding day! We arrived early with lots of time for picture-taking.

dropped by the bride's cottage.

the requisite outfit shot. haha. *thank you B for my shoes*

ashy. tats. ommul. aliah. me. bee.

ashy. kits. ommul. me.

kiamsies. from afar. haha.

up close.

K and I.

'coz we can't do jumpshots. haha.

whatever shot nalang.

isa pa!


the road less traveled.

At the reception.

our long table.

me. ashy. tats.

minang. kits. april. ayala. me.

licka. kits. april. ayala. me. ashy. tats.


high school classmates.

singled out. haha.

kiamsies with hannah.

meson girls.

on self-timer again!

wacky. always happens.

waiting for our photo op with the newlyweds.

The newlyweds!

al ♥ raico

datu and atty. ditual. 🙂

the boys with al and raics.

girls' turn.

everybody now.

The barkada showing some love for Al+Raico!

Congratulations and best wishes, Al and Raics! Cheers to love, happiness and forever.♥


12 thoughts on “Al ♥ Raico

  1. it was a fun fun fun wedding. couldn’t be any happier that the two of them ended up together 🙂 another love team to look forward to 🙂 hehehe… i love the play of colors for our outfits. heheh

  2. high school laberds 😀 now i’m curious how does their love story go, hehehe!
    *atty, overpowered gyud ang boys 😀 mura’g ing-ana pod ang ratio sa amoa kung mag-reunion mi. haha.

  3. hihi… gimingaw na nuon ko sa akong own batch. record na ata mo for two class/batch-mates ending up together. haha… i-tally nako ni sa sunod nga STC homecoming 😀

  4. awesome event! I love Muslim weddings (well… actually never been to any other but still) but what we have here is nothing comparing with what you have in your country.
    Hope you’ll keep up with blog better now, I love your blog and followed!

  5. i really envy how you and your high school friends have stayed tight all these years.. my high school batchmates and i would only raise each other’s eyebrows when we bump each other on the road. haha.

    what’s with mom’s pizza that msuans can’t get over from? haha! i love it.

    • We’re a small class lang kasi. Maybe that’s why. We weren’t all close back in highschool. May different groups in the class, but I guess we’ve come to a point now that we’re older to treasure old friendships. Hihi. Drama ba? I hope you and your high school classmates rediscover your old friendship. Hey, it’s never too late!

      Aynaku, I don’t know nga what’s with Mom’s Pizza. Parang, andami mo nang nakain na masarap na pizzas but there’s nothing quite like Mom’s Pizza. Haha! Maybe because back in MSU, puro happy memories ang associated with it. Plus, feeling natin noon, sosyal na tayo pag naka-snack ng Mom’s. Hahaha!

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