September stress

It’s only mid-September and I feel like I’ve been swamped with stress enough to last me the entire month. The more stressed I get, the more mess I make.

My desk in its usual state of disarray

Desk full, I’ve made the dining table my study desk in the mornings.

Mess magnet: bringing the mess to the dining room

At night, my “study table” is my desk chair placed beside my bed (where studying is absolutely a bad idea, haha). The study lamp sits beside my pillow. It’s a crazy clutter, something you don’t wanna see. Haha!

Yesterday, at the height of my trying-to-beat-the-deadline stress, our dining table looked like this

I’ve de-cluttered now though. Sort of.

Thankfully I’ve had some calm before the storm, like Dear Nanay’s birthday last September 4 (yeah, another overdue post, haha!)

At home, getting ready to go out for dinner.

Dear Tatay.

Dear Parents

Being wacky daw.

Dear Fam

I just had to squeeze in an outfit shot. Haha.

Then off to dinner at our favorite restaurant.

With the parents' BFFs

(not so) little sisters

Birthday girl and her date.

Happy Birthday, Nanay!

Also got to meet with the moot team for dinner slash practice session at Fontina on Monday.


Ugh, I look so haggard!

Wake me up when September ends...


5 thoughts on “September stress

  1. Not by Earth, Wind and Fire? Haha! Yes, it’s messy na kay medyo magka-windang na ko looking for the paper I need. Mas messy akong bedside. Didn’t take a pic na kay embarrassing!

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