Long weekend — MSU’s 50th Foundation Day!

Truth be told, I really didn’t plan on going to MSU for the Foundation Day, but as our Assistant Dean made our participation in the Foundation Day parade a clearance item, I had no choice but to suck up all my sulking and join my classmates and schoolmates on a trip to MSU which turned out to be so much fun. Warning: photo overload!

September 1 — The parade was supposed to start at 7:00am, but a little before 7, I was still at home waiting for a ride. Haha.

Killing time.

The parade had already started when we left Iligan, so we thought we’d just go to there to well, show up to pacify our Assistant Dean.

 We’ve arrived!

Dakilang paaralan, Pamantasang Mindanao!

The wonderful thing was that we made it just in time to carry our College’s banner and be recognized during the parade! Such wonderful timing!

Assistant Dean is happy.

After the parade, group shots!

Iligan Extension in black, Main in violet

Jump shot attempt...


We couldn't find our spot. Sorry, COM!

STC, represent!

And hug shots!

Joyce and Naima

Joyce and I

Joyce and Anna



Mother and child. LOL.


Awww, secretary Joycie.

Off to the College of Law

"Courtroom" classroom shots

We went to Tuka after lunch to check out Haynie’s family’s rest house near the lake.

Lake Lanao from the corner balcony


Mirrored walls!

Feel kaayo ang pose! Haha!

Girls in the mirror...

Oh and her family had another house there, so off to Tuka house number 2!

With Haynie's auntie

Haynie's grandma loves having visitors!

Green on green

Sofa silliness with Anna.

Feel the sofa! Haha.

Kyoot Joycie!

Back to ComCen for snacks.

Joyce and I at The Porch

My fave shot of Anna and Naima. Love the red wall too!

Transferred to Bamboo for some chips and tempura -- just like old college days. Haha!

Till next time, MSU!


3 thoughts on “Long weekend — MSU’s 50th Foundation Day!

  1. Hay! That day was so much fun albeit exhausting! Mura gyud ko’g buang nagkaray-karay ug nagdagan-dagan everywhere! Duha nako ka Caro-Tawo dancers, nakuyapan! Intawon, human ambulance akong drama! Hahaha! 🙂

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