Photos from last June & July’s two-week Problem-Based Approaches to International Economic Law workshop held at the PUP Grad School in Manila. All photos from Nadz and Bouying’s digicams. Thanks guys!

Week 1, June 17-19

Orientation and welcome dinner


Raffy & Bouying


attempt at panorama. haha.

Workshop Day 1

whole day lecture – done!

MSU + San Sebastian

Bouying and Joyce

with Bouying



Dinner at Gerry’s Grill Trinoma after a looong day (and long LRT-MRT commute, haha)

Mich.Me.Bouying. And our eight-thousand-peso meal. *burp*

Richard (from BSU) and Joyce.Bouying.Nadz.


Workshop Day 2



In Raffy’s car en route to Gateway after a crazy, fun group dinner at Pizza Hut SM Centerpoint.

Scare/laughtrip time. Raffy showing off his scary iPhone apps.

Recovering from the ‘scare’.

Bouying and Nadz, backseat boys. LOL.

The group’s FAVE.PHOTO.EVER. LOL. *Posted with Nadz’ permission*


The “dearests” Joyce and Vien.

Student Council powerhouse tandem: Sec. Joyce and Pres. Nadz.

Vien and Nadz

We missed the last full show…

But we weren’t too sad about it.


With Nadz. Waiting for the others to finish buying their Krispy Kreme pasalubongs.

Headed to Laffline instead for a dose of the funnies.

Joycie’s kyooot hair.


Nadz and Joycie

Goodbye, Manila.



With our Assistant Dean being goofy.


Mahangin sa labas. Chuck.Me.Vien.Joyce.

Week 2, July 1-3

Workshop Day 1

Outside the hotel. Waiting for a cab.

Delegates’ pose. LOL.

Workshop ended early!

LRTed to Gateway to sneak a dinner date with A.

I love Burgoo ‘coz they let you write on the table. LOL.

Advance double birthday celebration!

We had a feast. This was our favorite!

A’s takeout. LOL. We so couldn’t finish this.

With Paco from UP. Bouying and I headed straight to Centerstage @ Timog after our respective Gateway dinner dates for some videoke+drinks get-together with the delegates organized by UP.

Joyce and Bouying with UP peeps and workshop speaker, Jeff.

With UP people, Jeff, and Rico from BSU.

With the BSU people.



Joyce and Bouying.

This was after catching the Transformers 3 3D last full show at MOA. It was a crazy cab ride with Joyce, Nadz and Bouying from Timog to MOA. Plus a mad dash from the mall entrance to the cinema. Made it just before the Pambansang Awit. Our online-bought tickets were so worth it.

Workshop Day 2

outfit shot. haha.

Future lady lawyers.



Participating universities

MSU represent!

San Sebastian




Moot teams

With my teammates

Professors with project organizer, Atty. Lat and Speaker, Prof. Jeff.



With Joycie. Robbinsdale Residences roomies.


Asst. Dean’s Starbucks Trinoma treat



4 thoughts on “Overdue

    • It was one trip I was lucky to be chosen to join. 🙂 Saya ng bonding. Hehe. Bawal lang to take photos sa loading/unloading area at the station, but we took more pictures inside the train. Didn’t post them because halata na hagarda ang mga fez. Hehe!

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