Week 30

Uninspired title for lack of, well, inspiration. Haha.

  • In today’s playlist: Groove Armada’s Black Light album. Totally random.
  • My four-eyed mug shot. Taken yesterday while passing time waiting in the car for dear father to finish his errand.
  • It’s our college’s Testimonial Dinner this Friday. Attire: Filipiniana with style (or a “touch of modernity” was what I was told). Whatevs. No way I’m donning a long gown. Or renting one. *cringe* Going all modern instead. I’m taking the resourceful route & will go green — literally & figuratively. Discovered dear mother’s shiny green blouse & skirt set from way, way back and thought I’d give it a new spin by recycling it and having it altered into a mini dress. The peg:

Sans the beads & with a bit longer hemline. Here’s to hoping it’s totally doable. Okay, it’s barely filipiniana. Just modern, methinks. And I guess I’ll just have to bring an abanico fan for good “filipiniana” measure. Haha.

  • Can’t wait for the week to end, by the way. It’s barely midweek, I know — still have a long week of classes to survive. But there’s quite a lot to look forward to by the end of the month.


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