Here Again

I saw this coming — taking a blogging hiatus just for the heck of it after being on a blogging roll. But I guess I’m crawling out of my blogging hibernation. Again. It kind of feels like forever since my latest post and since I’ve checked what my other blogging friends have been up to. It’s been back to the daily grind of classes for me, poring over new thick books, cramming, frantic note-writing, scouring the internet for reviewers and other resources (and wondering where the hell do other classmates get theirs, haha — but my friends and I are on it, we vow to search and search and share with each other, awww), running the occasional errands (ugh, monthly bills), using as much free time I have luxuriating in sleep and living on my daily caffeine (I’ve switched to San Miguel 3-in-1 strong for my “Vitamin C maintenance” because Nescafe 3-in-1 has become a tad too sweet, yeech) and taurine fix (yes, I’ve started on an almost-daily Lipovitan habit because it gets me going and I like how the Punch variety tastes).

Nerd days are in full blast again.

Even the two-week getaway to Manila with schoolmates and professors late last month & earlier this month bordered on the geeky side being a school-related workshop. It was fun though as it took our mind off classes (and worrying about terror profs and being grilled in recitations) for a bit, but for three straight days every week, our minds would be crammed with international economic law, international arbitration and moot stuff. Like I said, geeky. At least I got to watch Transformers 3 on 3D with classmates after our workshop session. More geeky pleasures. Haha. I’ve yet to sort through photos taken during and after the workshop. It’s a tad too late to post them, but I will. *crosses fingers*

I don’t know if it’s an age thing (guess who turned *bleep* four days ago?) or maybe it’s just a crazy impulse but I felt like spring-cleaning my music collection a couple of days ago, so off went a good number of albums to the trash, freeing up over 3Gigs worth of space for new downloads. I want new ear candies to store in my phone’s new 8Gig microSD (an early birthday gift before Shobe turns 1 in August) but as you know I have nothing but disdain for these new songs polluting the airwaves (thank god the car radio’s broken) so Indie is the way to go (the Indie I can understand, har). And by the awesome powers of google, I found this treasure trove of indie and indie rock playlists, new every month.

Looping in my newly-created playlist, aptly called Numbers, are:

  1. 123 Stop – The Postelles
  2. 18 Hours )Of Love) – K-X-P
  3. 1987 – Star Slinger
  4. 1999 – Shout Out Louds
  5. 2 Hearts – Digitalism
  6. For 12 – Other Lives
  7. Hus Nr. 9 – Rõyskopp
  8. Kiko (103 Words) – Absofacto & 10k Cities

I’ve got Evidence and Tax II classes tonight. The latter makes me dread Mondays twice as much because for two hours, I do nothing but sit straight in my chair with a poker face, pretending to listen and understand (Fiah and I came to realize that had we known we would be eventually taking up Law, we should have taken up Accountancy back in college — we took the less-travelled Math (she) and Statistics (me) roads, instead), trying to write down as much as I can from prof’s lecture which basically consists of him reading from his own notes. It’s a torture, really. I once mentioned to seatmates Fiah and Sam, who I can’t talk to in class because it’s a transgression, how much our prof reminded me of this character from a comic strip and now, I have scarred their memory of our prof for life, haha. We just have to seriously do good putting on dour faces in class and be careful not to let a smile slip at the thought (smiling is also a class violation which would put you on the edge of the grading cliff and to laugh is a mortal sin which can be punished with a grade of 5.0 — no kidding!)

Ah, as our BusOrg II prof (who on the other hand cracks the class up A LOT) would say… “very hard, to be a lawyer is very hard. Oh my God, peace be upon us” *insert his goofy laugh here*

True that.


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