Goodbye Summer!

Last day of May. And here I am trying to finish this post before the day finally ends. Since my last post, life has picked up speed, gotten busy and caused me to lose that bloggin’ feeling (woaah that bloggin’ feeling) Go ahead, sing along!

Although the busy part has been the good kind of busy — being with the family and vacationing relatives and enjoying some quality bonding time. Dear sister  no. 1 arrived home from Bacolod for dear tatay’s birthday, which was two days prior to dear aunt’s (dear mother’s younger sis, who we fondly call Mummy) birthday. That’s two special occasions for us every May but what’s even more special this year is that it was Mummy’s big 50th birthday so dear mother’s other sisters from Cotabato City and Oroquieta City came, brought our cousins and what came next was a crazy fun reunion of sorts.

Dear Tatay's birthday

Calda Pizza night out

Dear Mummy's birthday

And if there’s a good kind of busy, there’s also a not-so-good kind of busy: the opening of another stressful new school year with new class sections to boot. I still prefer our old section names, Cicero and Plato, to these new ones taken from Chief Justices (the other section’s Teehankee). But new section names are the least of our worries. These subjects, on the other hand, are our greatest worries (and stress and fears, haha)


So that ends my summer blogging fling. But no, not the end of Chuck and Dee… yet.


4 thoughts on “Goodbye Summer!

  1. you look so good dee. 🙂 especially on the second photo (calda pizza night out). 🙂
    good luck with school. I’d be battling with a busy sched too 😀

    • Awww, thanks Tessa! Good luck with school too! Here’s to us conquering our deadly skeds. My classes start next week na. Eeep!

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