I’ve kind of lost my groove to finish a draft I started. Does this happen to you too? Or maybe the unbearable summer heat has just fried my brain. Whatever. I’m taking a fun breather with these random Blogthings quizzes instead, that I’ve missed and haven’t done in a long time. So l guess that’s also one thing crossed off my favorite things to do but haven’t done in a year list.

The Petit Dessert Test

You Are Quirky

You have a serious side, but you also can be uproariously funny. You love to laugh.

You also love to play, and playing with you is an adventure. You’re always changing up the rules of the game.You are a deeply introspective person. You are constantly examining yourself.

You know who you are, and you’re good with that. Too bad if no one else is.

What’s True About You?

You Are Wacky

To say you’re weird would be a complete understatement. You’re definitely one of a kind.

You have some interesting theories on life… so interesting that they freak other people out.It’s likely that you’re into arcane topics of all sorts. You like unusual facts.

You are operating at a whole other wavelength. Very few people truly get you.

The Book Test

You are a Dreamer

You tend to have your head in the clouds. You love to be drawn in to a whole other world.You are a rational person. You like to think through ideas, and you like the thoughts that books spark.You are a person with many different interests. You are fascinated by everything in the world.You are a person who values your possessions. You tend to have fewer things but of higher quality.

The Desert Test

You Are Together and Wise

You have a broad, mature outlook on life. You know that there are ups and downs, and you feel like you can weather them.

You feel like you can’t depend on anyone but yourself in this world. You feel quite alone sometimes.

You feel overjoyed about your past and those you have loved. You feel like you have been blessed in life.

You succeed by counting on others for support. You could never do what you do without your friends and family.

How Do You Travel Through Life?

You Run Through Life

Your journey through life energetic, fast paced, and spontaneous.

You like to live for the moment, and you always prefer taking action to sitting still.You crave a lot of freedom in your life. You can feel burdened by too make rules and responsibilities.

If you can do things your own way, you’re really are able to shine. You are very good at understanding the world.

The Retro Pattern Test

You Are Alert

You are an extremely perceptive person. You are always paying attention to those little details.

You like to sit back and watch. It’s amazing to watch other people in action.You can be a bit sneaky and sly at times. You like to eavesdrop and spy.

You know a lot about everyone, and as a result, you always have some thought-provoking observations to make!

The Dark Room Color Test

You Are Reasonable

You have a strong sense of responsibility. You always want to do the right thing, no matter the context.

You are orderly and organized. You appreciate the stability routine brings to your life.You are simply a good person. You have high standards you uphold, but you don’t boast about your morals.

You expect a lot of yourself, but you’re tolerant of others. You know that no one can be perfect.

Are You Careful, Conscientious or Carefree?

You Are Conscientious

You’re all about rules and structure, as long as they make sense.

You strike a good balance between planning and spontaneity.You leave the less important aspects of life to chance, but you’re responsible when you need to be.

You enjoy being organized most of the time, but a little chaos is fun too!

What Herb Are You?

You Are Rosemary

You are stable and grounded. You may take a slow, steady approach to live, but you’re a survivor. You are an intellectual and very rational. You can see things from a logical, detached viewpoint.

You are successful but not particularly ambitious. You have a way of letting success come to you. You tend to be a bit understated and modest. You let your accomplishments speak for themselves.

The Latte Art Test

You Are Down to Earth and Honest

You like to keep things as simple as possible in life, and you tend to gravitate toward the outdoors and natural things.

You aren’t materialistic or superficial. If anything, you are an idealist, and you care deeply about your impact on the world.Your energy level is moderately low. You pace yourself and take your time.

Your signature latte would be an organic latte made with fair trade coffee. Not only does it taste better, but it jives with your values.


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  1. oh… I used to do this a lot. I think I forgot all about blog things due to events and the 30 day challenge. thanks for reminding 🙂

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