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This is a late response to a tag by Tessa to blog about the 10 things you love. B, Z and Kat have already blogged wonderfully and quite effortlessly about their ten loves. I put rounding up ten things I love on hold (and let this post sleep in my drafts) because I’m a big procrastinator like that. Haha!

They say the best things in life are free. Like these ten things I love which all came for free. Hee.

1. Marks & Spencer Almond Hand Cream. This is a pasalubong from my youngest sister when she went to Manila for an inter-school sports event late last year. She also got dear Mother another variant (rosehip, I think) of this hand cream. We weren’t expecting her to buy us something, but she did which makes it so sweet. It’s one of the things I have to have in my bag. I love that it’s so yummy-smelling I can’t get enough of it. Plus I love that just a little gob makes my hands soft and fragrant already. So until now, I haven’t used up the entire tube yet. I don’t have to worry about running out of it though because Marks & Spencer is in Cagayan de Oro already. My next tube won’t be free though. Haha.

2. Plurk. One of the best sites EVER, I guess I could rightly call this my tambayan in the WWW. It’s where the best people to make chika are — my Plurkada. As a matter of fact, I  have more fun plurking than texting. That sure saved me a lot in my latest phone bill — my lowest ever.

3. Kobo. This is every ebookworm’s dream! It’s a free app I downloaded on my BB. I loved it so much when I first downloaded it but I experienced some glitches so I deleted it. Recently, I downloaded it again (no glitches now, thankfully) and the wonderful thing is after reinstalling again in my phone, I still had all the free ebooks I downloaded before. I can’t wait to finish all of my Jane Austen books.

4. Mango watch. I got this freebie a couple of years ago when I got my first credit card. It was a special offer for their new cardholders — which was what made me really apply for the credit card. Haha. I wore it all the time, loving its dainty look.  I’m not really into feminine-looking watches, but this one’s an exception. Two years of constant use, however, wore the thin leather straps out, I’ve been forced to let it resign because it’s hard to find strap replacements.  What replaced it on my wrist as my daily watch is dear father’s silver men’s watch (the style that I  really like). He rarely wears it anyway and I think he’s also resigned to the fact that it has become “mine”. Hahaha.

5. Rimmel lipstick. I’m not a lippie girl, preferring my trusted tube of cherry Chapstick to lipsticks. But this Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in a light pink shade called Fancy is one of the few lippies I love because it gives my lips the perfect balance of color and shimmer and keeps it moisturized too. This was given to dear mother by a balikbayan family friend. And since dear mother isn’t into pale pink lippies (which I absolutely love!)  she gave it to me instead.

6. Starbucks coffee. Would you believe if I said I’ve never paid for a Starbucks coffee ever? All the times I had Starbucks coffee, either someone paid for it — bosses during business meetings or old friends I haven’t seen in a while back in Manila — or I got them as freebies. Yes, there is such a thing as a free Starbucks coffee! At least for my credit card’s tie up promo with Starbucks that lets me claim my free tall cup of coffee (or a pack of 3 Via Ready Brew sachets) for every purchase of a certain amount. Funny thing is, B has been my suki Starbucks date the two times I got to redeem my freebies. First in Cebu last year when we went there for a wedding and second when I went to Cagayan de Oro last month for an errand. Looking forward to the third time. This week, hopefully. 🙂

7. WordPress for BlackBerry. This is another free app for BlackBerry phones. All I need is Wi-Fi and then I can blog all I want on my smartphone! Maybe I should change my blog’s name to Chuck, Dee and Shobe. Haha!

8. Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Cream. I love the luxurious scent of this body cream, which was a pasalubong from my former boss when he got back from the States last year. I’ve been using it sparingly, making it last long because I don’t know where to get another tube here if it runs out.

9. Who is it? BlackBerry app. This is another free BB app I downloaded recently. What is it? It’s this simple: it lets you assign different colors to contacts in your phonebook and when someone calls or texts you, your phone’s LED lights up to the color you assigned to that contact so that just by looking at the blinking light, you know who’s it from. The free version offers colors for 10 contacts though. Works just fine for me because I have just enough colors for the fam and the bffs.

10. Turquoise stud earrings. Speaking of bffs, one of the bffs, A gave this pretty pair of earrings to me after we attended a wedding. She bought it to go with her outfit to the wedding but she wasn’t able to wear it so she gave it to me instead knowing that I loved accessories, especially earrings, to bits. It’s become my most-worn pair recently. I love how it instantly brightens up my face (chos!) even when I’m looking tired and adds a fun pop of color to any outfit.

Now, it’s my turn to tag friends who haven’t done this yet. Hello, Aya & S! I think you’ll enjoy this too!


14 thoughts on “Tagged: Ten Things I Love

  1. super, atty! 😀 thanks for the tag!
    *aWWW for number 2…
    *6 – i believe you. i haven’t bought a starbucks coffee yet. hehe. my first was a treat by a small group of msu alumni, the two cups on different occasions were tagged to kuya rand, and the last was my birthday after-shakey’s party last year. waaah! i go crazy when it comes to remembering like this, haha!
    *8 – japanese cherry blossom is my favoritest bbw scent too 😀
    *10 – saw you wearing those earrings 🙂 they really look good on you 😉

    • And for this, I give you the “most well-documented reply” award. Hee. 🙂 By number gyud!
      *2: If the list were in order, this would be in number 1! Haha! Makalingaw jud ang Plurk & our Plurkada!
      *6: Starbucks coffee is indeed sweeter (not in the sugary sense) when it’s free no? Cheers to the all generous people who made us libre in the past. Haha!
      *8: Yay, Team BBW JCB!
      *10: Aww, thanks! Was that during our 9ers date? (thinking)

      • hahaha! beats me 😀 hurray! 2 years in plurking & counting ❤ *yes, atty. it was at 9'rs indeed, hihi!
        *and yes, starbucks and food in general are more yummy when they come for free, hahaha! makes me resolve not to have starbucks if it's not a free treat 😛 bilmoko much ang dating, haha!

  2. I haven’t tried Starbucks ever! But maybe now I can finally taste their famous coffee. Thanks to Abreeza!

    Can you also post pictures or videos using the BB WordPress app, Ms. Dee?

    • I’ve been hearing a lot about Abreeza Mall. 🙂 Where is it located? It’s been a long time since I last visited Davao and it’s usually just Gaisano Mall for us because it’s nearer. Haha.

      Anyway, yes, you can include photos or songs/vids in the post using the app, although I’ve yet to try if the songs or videos posted from my phone will really work here in the blog. 🙂 *Maybe I’ll do a test post with a video or song soon. Hehe*

  3. It’s located at JP Laurel. If you’re from south, it’s the third mall you can find right after Gaisano Mall. They say Abreeza Mall is so far the biggest mall in Davao. Can’t wait to go there! SM North Davao will also be opening soon.

  4. oh I love the bath and body works lotion that I was able to receive from my ex’s sis 😀 they really have good smelling lotions 🙂

    now I get it why blackberry is awesome. the only thing that I don’t like about it is when it runs low on batteries. something like it can’t receive calls or txt msgs. same rin ba sa phone mo? can’t quite understand why they have that.

    I love your list btw 🙂

    • Thanks Tessa. I’ve read that one of BB’s safeguards is to turn the signal off so that users can still access data even when the phone battery is almost empty. That’s why calls or sms cannot be received or made. I rarely experience this though as I don’t let the battery level get too low before charging. Hehe.

  5. oh… kaya pala 😀 thanks for the info. 🙂 btw, add me on plurk. lonely ang plurk world ko. konting friends lang dun e 😀 plurk.com/t3ss4 🙂

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