Day 30 – Your favorite song at this time last year

Thanks to last year’s Cosmopolitan date book, I was reminded that my summer was spent running one movie marathon after another and that a few days ago last year, I enjoyed watching Leap Year which starred Amy Adams and Matthew Goode. It may have earned not-so-good reviews and ratings from critics on Rotten Tomatoes when it came out, but it’s one of the few rom-coms I like that doesn’t make me cringe.

One song from the movie that I really really loved is Gwyneth Herbert‘s cover of Neil Young’s Only Love Can Break Your Heart.

I had a tough time looking for a video of her song on Youtube. So here’s another cover by The Corrs. Come to think of it, Leap Year’s a movie inspired by an Irish tradition and The Corrs, as we know, is an Irish band. Cute huh?

When you were young
And on your own
How did it feel to be alone

I was always thinking of games
That I was playing
Trying to make the best of my time

But only love can break your heart
Try to be sure right from the start
Yes, only love can break your heart
What if your world should fall apart

I have a friend I’ve never seen
He hides his head inside a dream
Someone should call him and see
If he can come out
Trying to lose the down that he’s found

But only love can break your heart
Try to be sure right from the start
Yes, only love can break your heart
What if your world should fall apart

Speaking of summer movies and songs, I also remember watching JLo’s The Back-up Plan and  there was this really nice song that B was bugging me to death about the title. While looking for India Arie’s Beautiful Surprise video for my wedding song post, I came across her song “A Beautiful Day” which was in the soundtrack of The Back-up Plan. Now that’s another beautiful surprise there. Oh, don’t you just love movie soundtracks? Sometimes I love soundtracks more than the movie itself (sorry, The Back-up Plan, LOL) Is this the song, B? Finally, found it. Hahaha!

And wouldn’t you know it, I’ve come to the end of my 30-day song challenge. It’s been 30 days of fun rediscovering, reminiscing and sharing the songs that I love (and love to hate). Plus I’ve really enjoyed finding out what the other bloggies have shared in their challenges too, knowing that we have a lot of loves and hates in common and learning about songs I haven’t heard yet. It’s been a wonderful 30 days of bonding through music with you. 🙂

I’ll miss doing this thing though. But then again, I can always share the songs I love without waiting for another challenge, right?


12 thoughts on “Day 30 – Your favorite song at this time last year

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  2. these songs does remind me of summer especially the last song.

    oh I love the corrs. I miss listening to their songs. only love can break your heart has very nice lyrics. 🙂 I like it.

    • Nice to listen to on a wonderful sunny day no? 😀 Glad you like it, Tessa! I haven’t listened to The Corrs in a while too.

  3. i haven’t heard of this song before, nor noticed it on the movie. but i super loved Leap Year. and i agree. sometimes, soundtracks are better than movies. Rotten Tomatoes rarely say nice things, anyway. id like to throw tomatoes at them. hehe.

    congrats on completing the challenge! it was fun knowing your song lists too.

    • Haha, you’re right! Rotten Tomatoes can be really mean. Pero I sometimes enjoy reading reviews there kasi it can be funny too. Hehe.

      Thanks Z! Looking forward to the next fun blog challenge we can all enjoy again.

  4. whew! so this is the end of the line for the 30-day song challenge, atty. love these songs for your last hurrah. 🙂

    if i were to give you an award for successfully completing the challenge, it’s going to be “the most well-documented blog” award 😉 congratulations! hehe!

    • And hopefully the beginning of another fun challenge! 🙂 Early on, I always thought I was going to end this challenge with a rock song, but I guess blogging fate wanted something different. I love how it ends too, though.

      Awww, thank you very much, Ayapaps! So sweet and thoughtful of you! 🙂 (cozy)

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