Summer Staples

Summer is my favorite season because it means sun dresses, swimsuits, big sunnies, sheer floral tops, maxi dresses, flouncy floral skirts and tank tops.

And it means being in my favorite summer uniform a lot more often: loose tops, cuffed shorts and flats.

These photos are taken at a mall’s dressing room because I love dressing room full-length mirrors (I don’t like having them in my room, though). Haha! In the first one, I think I was waiting for dear mother to finish trying on clothes and the second one was taken before trying on that little black dress.

Lately though, my favorites have also included short printed skirts, which are actually my rarely-worn printed dresses that I transform into skirts and my sheer floral dress, which works perfectly as a sheer top too, tucked in cuffed shorts or skinny jeans. I’ve yet to use it as a swimsuit cover-up when I get a chance to hit the beach. Oh and I’ve brought out my maxi dress again from its hibernation in my closet.

Funny thing is I haven’t shopped for new summer clothes at all! I just put a new spin on the clothes that I rarely wear on regular school days and made them more summer-y. It’s amazing how much fun it is putting together clothes I don’t get to wear on a normal school day. And I guess, that’s what I love about summer most.

What are your summer outfit staples? Head over to Girls Talk and share the summer outfits you can’t live without.


6 thoughts on “Summer Staples

  1. i know that for most students, summer just spells F-R-E-E-D-O-M, from boring school work, boring teachers, even more boring uniforms. hee hee. glad you get to enjoy summer as much as you do!

    • And wouldn’t you know it, summer has ended, back to the daily grind of school. Glad dressing up for school isn’t that boring even if we’re required to be in corporate wear 4 times a week! Haha.

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