Family Affair

It’s all about Summer Time in Girls Talk this May. And first up in this month’s blogging series is about the most memorable summer.

I have two summers in mind. One was spent with my sisters and close family friends’ kids in Manila back in 2003, our first summer together away and without our parents. We stayed with another close family friend who took all of us on a fun road trip from Tagaytay to Enchanted Kingdom to Baguio to Vigan (my favorite!) and Ilocos Norte where we got to enjoy their private beach at Ambucao and stayed at their ancestral home in Sta. Maria. Unfortunately, I’ve no pictures to show for it because we didn’t have our own digicams back then. That fun summer trip would have made for some great picture taking.

The second one, I’ve already written a bit about before — my 2008 Boracay summer with the family and relatives. My sister who was  working in Iloilo that time has been planning for us to enjoy summer in Boracay and as if the universe conspired, one of our relatives in Iloilo, TitaM is based in Boracay with her husband, TitoJ who co-owns and manages a beach house in Boracay, smack right in Station 1. When dear Nanay told her sisters about our summer trip, my aunts and cousins were more than happy to come along.

So it turned out to be a fun bigger family summer getaway and together we enjoyed beautifully decorated accommodations, a wonderful Boracay sunset, a serene early morning walk, the white sand beach, fun night outs, spotting a few celebs, marveling at the scenery and most importantly, special family bonding moments.


10 thoughts on “Family Affair

  1. i wish i can join this week’s GT but i have no fun summer to share to..

    what’s the name of the beach house you stayed at?

    • Boradise Beach House. It’s behind Real Coffee & Tea Cafe — the cafe used in Aga Muhlach & Anne Curtis’ movie (forgot the title). Hehe.

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