Day 26 – A song that you can play on an instrument

My musical talent nowadays is just limited to listening to my favorite bands and occasionally pretending to play my air guitar. Haha! But once upon a time, I learned how to play an acoustic guitar.

I don’t want to skip a day in this challenge, so I will bend the rules (if there are any) and change Day 26 into A song that you can play before on an instrument (but can’t play now). Haha.

I used to own an acoustic guitar. My parents got it for me for my 16th birthday. I was in senior high school and guitars and bands were all the rave in our class back then because we had to group up and form a band in music class. But no, I did not play the guitar in our band — I have more talented guitarist & bassist bandmates, BFF S being one of them — I did vocals. And it was all because  they had no other part to assign to me. Groupies didn’t count. Haha.

So anyway, back to the guitar. I did learn a couple of easy chords and chose to learn playing songs with chords that had less or no “ipit” chords. Haha. But I never really got very good in playing and as the years passed, I picked up the guitar with less frequency until I finally stopped playing it. The guitar’s been gone for years too.

One song that I liked to strum to back when I was in the mood to play was Torete by Moonstar88. I was smitten by the song when it came out in 2000. Plus frontwoman Acel Bisa played the guitar!

I didn’t play it as well as Acel, though. Haha.


7 thoughts on “Day 26 – A song that you can play on an instrument

  1. i think this is the most common song played by newbies.. next to pearl jam’s last kiss. sa tingin ko lang. hehe.

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