Day 16 – A song that you used to love but now hate

Here’s something I’m ashamed to admit now: I used to love Diva by Beyonce.  *cringe* Like two years ago, I had the song looping on my player for days and weeks. And then I guess I got over it (thankfully!) and did not listen to it for a very long time. I remember hearing it again on the radio last semester and having this wave of utter embarrassment wash over me as I recalled how I gushed over this song in my old Multiply blog.

Yes, the fact that I blogged about it is even more shameful. Ugh.

i am not a beyonce fan. i think naming her alter-ego sasha fierce is fiercely silly. plus the house of dereon duds she wears are fiercely so not hot.

so why have i been on this one-song-syndrome and can’t stop listening to beyonce’s (or sasha fierce’s) diva?

for days and weeks, it’s the only song that’s been playing over and over and over and over and over again in my player.

i’m a, a diva. i’m a, i’m a, i’m a, diva… going on for n times in a day.

it’s just this: the song’s infectious. really infectious. one listen leads to another and before i knew it, i’m hooked, bitten, caught, and addicted. it’s not dance-inducing like single ladies. but i’d choose this virus of a song over single ladies, any day.

like that aint enough, it’s also diva that plays on my moto. i so love it when people call. haha! diva’s kinda like the caffeine in my system. it perks me up. it keeps me going. it gives me a sort of high. and i can’t flush it out.

i wish i could go back to my rock-is-dead mornings where i take my coffee with marilyn manson’s cacophony in the background. maybe one day. unfortunately, i guess rock is sort of dead until i get over this diva phase.

*cringes even more*

Marilyn Manson, I’m so sorry I dragged you into that shameless blog post. What was I thinking right? I definitely take back what I wrote. I’d have Rock is Dead over Diva any morning — with or without coffee! So are we good now, man?


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