Day 15 – A song that describes you

The song is Bring on the Day by Charlotte Martin from the movie Sweet Home Alabama which is one of the movies that I like. I think the song rocks and I love it because there are lines that I can relate to and the song describes how I want to face the day even if I don’t know how everything will turn out. At times when I feel like my day is off to a bad start, “bring on the day” is what I say to myself because I know I will still get by. It’s kind of a motivational song for me too in that it reminds me to be ready to get ready and keep on.

Well I’m feeling like I’m falling
I’m still on my feet
Reality is calling
That don’t bother me
‘coz I’m on my way
I’m ok

I’m ready to get ready
Willing to get by
Able to imagine what it’s like to fly
Into the blue, it’s all down too

Hey, hey, hey
Come on Bring on the day
Cause I just might get everything I need
Hey, hey, hey
Give ’em what it takes
I’m ready as I’m ever gonna be
So, bring on the day

What you get is what you see
Open up your eyes
Let it set you free
It all works out eventually
Gotta keep on keep on
I can rock, and I can roll
I know I wanna move, gotta take control
Watch out world cause here I come
And I can’t stop till I’m done


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