Day 14 – A song that no one would expect you to love

Because it’s not rock and it’s French. My friends who are familiar with my musical preferences know that while I venture into other genres, I rarely take the “other indie” road. “Indie” as in indi-maintindihan. German band Rammstein is the exception to this though.

And now, I’m adding Carla Bruni‘s song L’Amoureuse to the exception. I heard it on an episode from the third season of Chuck, the one where he takes on his first solo mission and meets Kristin Kreuk while flying first class. I’d love to share with you the music video which I really love but embedding is disabled (sucks, I know).

So here’s another song from Carla Bruni, Quelqu’un m’a dit. It’s something I also love listening to after first hearing it on (500) Days of Summer.

Do you like “indie” too?


11 thoughts on “Day 14 – A song that no one would expect you to love

  1. i heard this on 500 days of summer soundtrack. but not the first song you mentioned. will check that out later.

    i notice nga talaga na most of your youtube vid embeds would not play? why is that?

    • I dunno Z. Embedding problems. Restricted when in fact I checked sa Youtube, OK na man for embedding. Kaya pahirapan looking for vids that will play here. Sigh.

  2. haha you got me on the” indi-maintindihan” joke. I have the full 500 Days of Summer Soundtrack, and this song is one of those tracks that I play the most from the album. 🙂

  3. hehehe! i was thinking of posting an indian song i so liked before but i don’t know the title 😀 *level up atty, french! i wanna watch that chuckey ep*

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