Day 12 – A song from a band you hate

I tend to forget the bands that I hate because I just ignore them and avoid hearing them. And if in case any of their songs graze my ear, I block the memory and wash away the sound with songs that I would much rather hear.

That being said, it’s a bit hard to recall a band I hate. Maybe if I was asked which groups or solo artists that I hate, I would have happily rattled off a few names. But bands, let me collect my thoughts for a while.

I’m most likely to hate mainstream bands though. Those bands that get frequent airtime on the radio you can’t help but hear them ALL. THE. TIME. Those bands with songs that become everybody’s favorite song. Those bands with videos clogging Facebook walls.

Okay, sorry about all that unnecessary prattle. I’ve just spent a day in bed curled up with a legal thriller so my brain is extra hyper today causing me to be extra chatty when I write. Words just tumble and spill out and I can’t help but write them into this post. Haha.

Where were we? Right, a song from a band I hate. The one band that I can think of right now is Panic! at the Disco and the song is Nine in the Afternoon.

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Sorry if anyone who reads this like them. I posted a link to their video to appease you. Why them? Why that song? Once upon a time, when my little sister was so fascinated with that band, that song was overly played and it was kind of annoying to be hearing Nine in the Afternoon at nine in the morning or three in the afternoon.

My little sister and I have diverse musical tastes so I’ll also assume that she feels as much hatred for my loud rock bands. Haha.


5 thoughts on “Day 12 – A song from a band you hate

    • 🙂 Good thing my sisters don’t like mainstream too. My little sister’s Panic at the Disco phase was before the band went all over the radio. LOL. Thankfully she moved on after they went mainstream and I heard none of them at home na. Hehe.

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  2. bwahahahaha! we have exactly the same band and the same song on the list atty 😀 now that you’ve mentioned it and i’ve shared the same sentiments, i can now move on and search for that other band i hate, hahaha!

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