Day 6 – A song that reminds you of somewhere

In our barkada of 7, three have already been sentenced to marital bliss and are now experiencing the joys of motherhood (LOL). Asking them to go out for  barkada dates require planning days or even weeks ahead. So for unplanned, spontaneous barkada bondings and night outs, it’s usually us four single girls, B, A, M and I, who usually get together. While the four of us have enjoyed our fair share of fun single girls night outs, there’s one that stands out from the rest.

All because of this song: Diana King’s Shy Guy.

The videos of the song are all restricted for embedding so here is a photo of the Reggae singer/songwriter instead.

This song has been an old barkada favorite. It brings us back to the fun, carefree days of high school. But after a funny and silly moment during a night out  in a bar here in Iligan where that song was played (and we all giddily sang along to it), the four of us will now have a funny and silly memory of “shy guy” that night in that bar.

Here are some photos from that night, over two years ago. Not in that bar though, but in a cafe where we enjoyed coolers after dinner.

Bee, Ashy and I

Bee and Ma

Ashy and Dee


14 thoughts on “Day 6 – A song that reminds you of somewhere

  1. OMG moment number 2!!! earlier today i was doin’ my list of songs, since I’m planning to schedule my post, this was my day number 6 choice too… I had so much fun that night! can’t forget ‘coz its our first ever night out together…

    • Haha! Super fun gyud! You know what, I was supposed to skip Diana King because I know you are so going to use Shy Guy for Day 6. And I was right! But I’ve been wracking my brain thinking of another song for another song for this challenge and I couldn’t come up with any so… Shy Guy it is. LOL.

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