Day 5 – A song that reminds you of someone

It’s one of those days that I kind of hate how my memory still retains little bits of now-insignificant information that pop up as a response to some questions. Like this question from today’s song challenge. A song that reminds you of someone? My memory gives the same answer every darn time. And now it’s reminding me that I have written something about remembering that song in my old Multiply blog so I dig through old stuff gathering cyberspace cobwebs and find this:

rainy days and that song

when it rains, it pours and when it pours, there’s that inexplicably nostalgic, sort of melancholic, other times cathartic, tending to the romantic yet realistic feeling that trickles in and sticks around. sometimes.

times like this afternoon. rather, early evening. on the way to school, in the car. i shouldn’t have bothered changing radio stations. the faintest note started to play and i had a feeling it would be that song. but what were the possibilities? with the hard rain outside, i could barely hear well to make a good guess.

and it turned out to be that song, causing me to break out into a silly grin i couldn’t shake off till that song ended.

i guess we can forget about what we feel for a person but maybe not that song that reminds us of how that person made us feel. yesterday. months ago. years back.

doesn’t that make you wonder? do songs make persons special or do persons make songs special?

rainy days are just little, lame excuses to feel a bit senti.

The little bit of information is that once upon a time, someone said he always felt he can relate to this song. That song is Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls and every time I hear it, my memory always goes back to that little bit of information.


7 thoughts on “Day 5 – A song that reminds you of someone

  1. hihi, giggles. heard this song on my way home and thought if i could fit it in the challenge. thanks for crossing it out from my list of possibles atty 😉 you need it more, hehehe! *this challenge could really make us go over and think hard of our automatic play list, haha*

    btw, i love your waxing poetic over there 🙂 can’t remember if i read that in your multips. lucky guy.

    • Awww. 🙂 I love how this challenge makes me discover the songs that fellow bloggies also like/love. I guess I really can’t shake this song off my system. Haha.I don’t know if the guy can still relate to the song though. LOL.

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