Girl Talk: Biggest Fan

I love learning about new fun things to do on my blog from my blogging friends. Lately, I came across Z and Tessa‘s GT posts. I found out that GT is Girl Talk,  a fun blog where girls talk and everybody listens. It features a weekly topic for girls to talk about and invites them to share links to their blog posts so everybody can read about what they have to say. Sounds fun, right?

So I thought I’d join in on the girl talk too and write about this week’s post: Biggest Fan.

I’m a big fan of Daphne Oseña Paez.

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She’s a TV host, producer, former magazine editor, former broadcaster, accessories designer, a brand ambassador for Olay, National Geographic Channel’s Live Curious global program, and UNICEF Special Child Advocate.

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She used to co-host F, a really chic lifestyle show and now hosts Urban Zone, a design and lifestyle show which is one of its kind here in the Philippines. She has her own bedding line, Daphne Linens and her designs are just oh-so-chic. She also launched her Daphne chairs, which I dream of owning someday.

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She has become a lifestyle brand herself — the epitome of glamor and chic, substance and class. I’d like to think of her as a modern and glamorous Wonder Woman. After all, not all women can balance amazingly the demands of a successful career and of family life.

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Her blog, Daphne’s Diary is one of my favorite reads and I follow her on Twitter. She is one of my biggest style crushes too! Her K&Company dresses + heels + piled on necklaces is the perfect formula for straightforward, no-fuss classy chic.

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She’s such an inspiration that if I were a kid now and somebody asked me what I would like to be when I grow up, I’d most likely answer “I wanna be like Daphne.”


14 thoughts on “Girl Talk: Biggest Fan

  1. oh… daphne. siya diay. 😀 I only know her for her first name though. I like her! she’s one of the local celebs that I like the most. very classy and elegant. I love watching her shows 🙂 urban zone and before, f.

  2. i just came from a GT entry who featured an intelligent and beautiful local celebrity (bianca gonzales). turns out here’s another one ^^.

    she is really an amazing woman, and wow does she manage her time well. i suck at that. LOL.

    sorry i am more than a month late in GT visits. epic fail. LMAO.

    • Hi Kaye! No apologies needed. Glad you dropped by. 🙂 Loving your weekly blogging prompts — which reminds me I haven’t done “Favorite Activity” yet.

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