What’s Cooking: Siopao!

It’s Sunday once again and as with the previous Sundays, it’s my cooking day again. I think I’d like to make this a regular thing so here’s to hoping I can commit myself to learning a new recipe every week. This Sunday’s cooking is more special than the past Sundays because (1) siopao is one of my biggest favorites and  (2) I got some help from my dear Nanay. Okay, it was her idea that we make siopao today because we’re always craving for siopao. I thought it would be tough to make but when you have a Hotel and Restaurant Management teacher for a mother who handles cooking subjects to guide you, things don’t seem so tough anymore.

So this mother-daughter kitchen collaboration was actually a one-on-one cooking class and fun bonding moment rolled into one yummy siopao recipe.

Well, you know the drill. First things first: mise en place. This one’s for the dough. Nanay did the chicken filling so I wasn’t able to take photos.

Lukewarm water, all purpose flour, sugar, powdered milk, corn oil, salt, yeast

Start by mixing the yeast, water and some sugar. Stir in one direction and let it stand for about 15 minutes and while waiting, you can start boiling the chicken for the filling and chop onions. Multi-tasking, baby.

After 15 minutes, mix sugar, corn oil water and salt together and add to the yeast mixture. Then add a cup of flour to the fermented yeast mixture, mix well, cover and  let it rise for 25 minutes. Add half a cup of powdered milk and half a cup of 7-up (or Sprite, whatever your friendly neighborhood sari-sari store is selling).

Then add a kilo of flour.

And knead. Yes, knead — the fun part!

This is a perfect exercise for your wrists and toning your arms. Haha! And yes, those are my skinny hands in action.

After an eternity of kneading, cut the dough into smaller pieces weighing about 50 grams. You will need a small kitchen scale for this.

Then shape the cut dough into balls.

Let them rise for another 10 minutes. Then flatten the dough, scoop the filling, top with boiled egg and finally form them into these

Steam them for 20 minutes and voila!

My beginner’s chicken siopao. Haha!


12 thoughts on “What’s Cooking: Siopao!

  1. i always thought siopao’s hard to make. you make it look so easy. clap! clap! clap!

    i’ll be looking forward to more of your cooking sundays then!

    regards to maam khan!

    • Mas madali syang kainin! Haha. It’s quite easy lang but it takes time to make. Nag-eenjoy na rin si mother dear sa Sunday gig na ‘to. She’s suggesting another recipe na naman for next week. Another one of our favorites. *crosses fingers*

  2. aaww… just remembered after seeing these that lola used to sell very yummy siopao in the family’s bakery. i wonder why i never got to like the cook-works when i grew up in this business, hehe. great job there atty! me wanna get some siopao for meself tomorrow. gutom ko dah!

    • Wow! We used to have a family bakery before too (no siopao though) in Nanay’s hometown. Well, my late aunt owned it and it was just in the first floor of my lola’s house so whenever we went there on vacation, it kind of became an extended playground. We’d sneak out small pieces of dough and play with them. Haha!

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