Day 2 – Your least favorite song

Now this is just as tough as Day 1 because I have as much least favorites as I have favorites. My least favorite songs, a.k.a songs I hate and avoid listening to whenever I can, are usually those I played on the radio ALL. THE. TIME. — mainstream pop music with crappy lyrics that people love singing to (annoyingly) over and over again.

That said, I remember one song I used to avoid like the plague whenever it would come on the car radio. A turned-off radio is way better than a radio playing Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance.

Seriously, what is with the annoying repetition of monosyllabic nonwords. Sounds like a creepy chant to me. And that’s just the least of what’s bad about it.


8 thoughts on “Day 2 – Your least favorite song

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  2. i immediately thought of lady gaga for day 2 too but realized i’m never gonna let her in, not in this challenge. if there’s lesser than least, then that’s it. bwahaha!

    • Haha! Lesser than least — love that! I’ve always wanted to bring up Vigilant Citizen here but I couldn’t think of a less shocking way to do so. Figured mentioning one of VC’s favorite subjects would be a good segue. 😉

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