What’s Cooking: Corned Tuna and Coleslaw Burger

It’s another cooking Sunday for me and yes, its another Jenni Epperson recipe. What can I say? This woman’s an inspiration not only in fashion and style but also in the kitchen. This time, I whipped up my version of Jenni’s Century Corned Tuna Sliders from her Meatless Fridays recipe series.

As before, we start with mise en place.

Burger buns, coleslaw, extra virgin olive oil, corned tuna, milk, egg, bread crumbs, chopped button mushrooms, flour for dusting

Sliders are little burgers and Jenni used whole wheat pandesal. But our favorite bakery doesn’t make pandesal, only fresh burger buns every morning, so I used burger buns instead.

For the patties, the first step is to just mix all the ingredients. I didn’t add parsley because (1) little sister doesn’t like parsley and (2) the mall supermarket didn’t have it. Oh and I sauteed the mushrooms in butter earlier because I like mushrooms that way.

Then the fun part: form into patties! I scooped the mixture onto little measuring cups and pressed them flat with a spatula.

Dust the patties with flour seasoned with salt and black pepper.

Frying time! Fry patties until they’re golden brown and drain them in paper towels afterwards.

Jenni used alfalfa sprouts as fancy garnish for her mini burgers. I don’t think we have alfalfa this side of Mindanao, so I prepared coleslaw instead and chilled them before cooking the burger patties. Here’s my Corned Tuna and Coleslaw Burger with chips on the side.

Maybe I should make cooking something new a regular Sunday thing.


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