Weekly Photo Challenge: Light

I’m now in week 6 of my PostAWeek challenge. It would be pretty obvious by now that I’ve taken a liking to photo challenges than picking from the daily topics for my weekly posts. I’m no shutterbug but I realized that I have photos stored in Chuck’s drive that could fit into the themes which makes blogging easier than having to ruminate and contemplate and mull over some pretty serious topics from The DailyPost‘s inspirations. I guess I’m not just much of a spill-your-heart-and-guts-out kind of blogger. Like I said before I will just keep things generally light in here.

Oh and wouldn’t you know it, this week’s photo challenge is Light. My photo for the week is something taken in December 2009 on a family friend’s wedding day. It was also the day my digital camera decided to do this:

No, I did not mess up the settings. The pictures just turned out that way — washed out in light. It’s like the flash went overboard only that I didn’t have the flash on.  Weird thing is that by nighttime, the pictures turned out great so I was still able to take photos of our post-wedding night out even if my camera failed in daylight. Well, what resulted from a FAIL moment before could be used to match the photo challenge now. Who knew?


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