What’s cooking?

I’m not much of a kitchen person, but once in a while, I get bitten by the cooking bug. And today, that bug is one of my favorite blogger, Jenni Epperson‘s food post Meatless Friday: Century Corned Tuna Ala King. I’m a sucker for easy peasy (as Jenni would say) recipes, and when I read it last Friday, I thought it was just right up my alley.

So, while grocery shopping after mass this morning, I picked up some ingredients which I didn’t have yet – frozen mixed veggies, corned tuna and milk. This afternoon, I flexed my cooking muscles (hah!) and cooked up something for the fam to snack on.

Mise en place – something I learned from dear mother.

Ingredients: Whole wheat sliced bread, flour, butter, corned tuna, frozed mixed veggies, onions, evap milk, water

Let me tell you something about the bread. Jenni came up with these kyoot bread cups by rolling the bread flat with a rolling pin and then placing the flattened bread in muffin pans and baking them until light brown. Thing is, I couldn’t find our cupcake pans so I improvised –Β  I cut up the bread into little triangles for that hors d’ouevre (naks!) appeal and toasted them.

Oh and I only used one can of corned tuna, so I reduced the recipe’s proportions.

Now, I just followed Jenni’s easy peasy steps:

Melt the butter in the pan, add flour and slowly add milk while continuously stirring the roux. Add water and season with salt (Jenni used Himalayan Pink Salt which I don’t have, so I used good ol’ iodized salt instead, haha).

A wire whisk – which is my favorite kitchen utensil – comes in handy in making the clumps disappear. Add the veggies and onions then stir. Add the corned tuna (with its oil drained beforehand). Stir until cooked. Make sure the veggies are still crunchy though.

I spooned the filling on top of the bread slices,Β  and it’s all done, just like that!

I can’t believe it was that easy, I was more than happy to serve it with a smile. And before I knew it, the platter was wiped out. Success!

I sprinkled grated cheese on my slices though.


Thanks for the recipe, Jenni! Looking forward to more easy peasy food posts. πŸ˜‰


14 thoughts on “What’s cooking?

    • I love making home-made pizza! No pineapple and lots and lots of my favorite toppings. Haha. Give this recipe a try. It’s so easy and it doesn’t take a lot of time to cook. πŸ˜‰ Happy cooking! I’m sure your family will love it.

  1. wee! congrats on being featured on jenni’s blog! so cool!

    in fairness to your mom ah, she already introduced the kyoot bread cups technique to us when we made that chicken ala king recipe.

    • Whee! So kilig! Anyways, *facepalm* moment talaga yun, I told her about these cute bread cups and she told me how to do them. Haha! Winner si Nanay! I should ask her more what she taught you before. I learned chicken croquets, meatball surprise and shrimp rolls from her. πŸ™‚

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