Weekly Photo Challenge: Ocean

This is a delayed Week 5 post, but the weekly photo challenge from The DailyPost hasn’t changed themes yet, so I guess I’m not too late after all. Anyway, this week’s theme is Ocean.

I like to think I’m a big beach bum underneath. There’s nothing more relaxing than being in a beautiful white sand beach, basking in the sun, feeling the fine sand on your toes and the breeze blowing through your hair. Throw in a good book and a chilled drink to enjoy while under the shade of a palm tree and I’m in heaven.

Thing is, despite the abundance of beautiful beaches here in the Philippines, I haven’t been to a lot… yet. That’s something I have to work into my bucket list somehow.

For this week’s challenge, here’s something taken about three or four summers ago at Puka Beach in Boracay where I had one of the best weekend getaways with my family and relatives. Yes, we were a fun, crazy bunch of 11!

It’s summer again and I can feel the summer heat beckoning me to hit the beach already. Best girl friends, if you’re reading this, where to this time?


13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ocean

  1. oh. I rarely visit the beach… even though I wanted to. samal is a bit far. I don’t like the beaches here in davao much. maybe because of the sand. samal has the most beautiful beaches that I’ve visted. 🙂 as if I’m a big traveler. lol.
    you look beautiful on your photo 🙂

    • Thanks Tessa! I’ve been to Paradise Island in Davao before and I wish I could go back there. I especially enjoyed the aqua bikes back then. My family and I go to Davao sometimes to visit relatives, but we never had the chance to go to Samal yet. I hope one day, we get to go there. 🙂

        • I agree, Ai! Nothing really beats enjoying down time at home. God bless you on your internship! Know that your plurk/twitter/multips/blog friends are cheering you on! AJA!

    • Not yet. I’ve seen my cousin’s photos of the place though and the beach is just beautiful! I’m really wishing I could to go there. *crosses fingers*

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