Save it for later

My not-so-little sister graduated from high school this afternoon. No wait, it’s past midnight as I write this so I guess I could say my not-so-little-sister graduated yesterday.

Ah, how time flies!

That same thought occurred to me when I rifled through my closet for something to wear and found this purple dress hanging there for over a year, unworn. I bought it for a wedding in Manila last year with a purple motif and to cut a long story short, I purposely left it here and bought something else there. So I never had a chance to wear it and no occasion has also arisen to give me reason to wear it. Well, I guess it was waiting and saving itself for my sister’s graduation day to make its debut. Haha.


Photos taken using Canon PowerShot A495 on Self-timer | Polaroized by | Photo collage effect by

I wore it with my new nude pumps which were surprisingly comfortable for their height. These heels were made for walking and standing! I’d have to say, the “tape trick” really worked. I learned that taping together your third and fourth little toes make wearing high heels a lot more comfortable because apparently it helps ease the pressure at the balls of your feet.  Neat, huh? And because of that, over 6 hours flew by with me in high heels and not secretly wincing from pain.


7 thoughts on “Save it for later

  1. i agree, i thought at first nga mannequin ang nasa pic except for the changing positions sa legs. really nice outfit, atty.:)

  2. now the background story. i was wondering why you went for purple atty, hehehe. love the cowl neckline! nice toe trick too. 😀

  3. nice dress! I like it 🙂 You should try wearing it often 😀

    will try that tip you shared since I bought my first very high heels yesterday 😀

    oh, just want to ask, why not tape the fourth and last toe? instead of the third and fourth? hmm… *curious*

    • Awww, thanks! Hurray for your first pair of high heels! I love wearing high heels any chance I get and this trick really does help a lot. It’s the 3rd and 4th toes daw because that’s where the nerve splits which causes pain more easily in the balls of your feet. So taping them apparently aligns foot muscles and eases pressure making the ball of your foot more steady. Amazing kikay fact, huh?

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