By the time you read this last installment for my 7-day love blogging series, I’m  probably getting ready or running late for school, or fidgeting in my seat in class hoping not to get called and grilled for a recitation, or having lunch alone in my favorite little cafe while I review for another class, or on a bus off to see my dear best friends, or already having some weekend fun with my best friends for our post-valentine celebration slash exorcising-all-the-stress-demons bonding.

I did not want to miss my blogging series finale so in view of a packed Saturday,  which clearly would not give me any time for blogging, I have written this on Friday night and scheduled for it to be posted on Saturday. Thank you, WordPress for scheduling this post. Haha.

So to end the series, I’ll round up what I loved about the past six days blogging about the things I love. Cue music, roll flashback…

I love the entire spontaneity of this blogging series. What started as an idea to blog about really beautiful, heart-melting high heels from SO! F.A.B. turned out to be a weeklong love blogging affair. Love does surprise you when you least expect it.

I love that I got to channel the sentimental dork in me. I rarely blog about sappy, schmaltzy stuff because it feels like hanging your heart out there for anyone to see, but I guess it’s okay to admit to be sentimentally dorky or dorkily sentimental sometimes.

I love that I found a way to show some love to dear blogging friends. We’re just a small bunch, but a fun bunch nonetheless. I’m proud that I have this group of amazing people that make hanging out online one of the most fun things to do.

I love being able to laugh now about how full of emotional crap I was before. Haha. I love remembering that I was so inspired I was able to write those things before that I couldn’t find in myself to write about now.

I love being able to share the things I love.

And I love how there’s more to love than we could ever imagine or think of…



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