Love and compression

Day 6 – I’m almost at the end of my 7-day love blogging series. Time flies fast, doesn’t it?

Today I’m featuring a new love. Well, my love for books isn’t anything new, but my love for ebooks, now that’s something new. I used to think ebooks wouldn’t be my kind of thing, after all one of my greatest joys consist of milling around bookstores, especially National Bookstore and Booksale, preferably with my best friends slash book-shopping buddies A and B, browsing through shelves and stacks of books and hoarding cheap P20 hard bound books.

While Chuck holds a small collection of ebooks, I haven’t really gotten around to reading them because I love reading books in bed (bad for the eyes, I know) and the thought of curling up with a netbook tapping the ↓ key to scroll through pages just doesn’t appeal to me. Call it a quirk but I love flipping through book pages and the smell of new books is one of my favorite scents.

Then came Kobo.

I was browsing through the Blackberry App World for new free apps to download a couple of weeks ago when I found Kobo, an ebook reader app.  I’ve tried Wattpad and Mobipocket before, but I wasn’t really drawn to them. With Kobo though, I found myself instantly hoarding free classic ebooks and storing them to the memory card for offline reading anytime, anywhere.  No more waiting impatiently in line because I have a variety of books to pick from to keep me entertained. I can enjoy reading while having lunch alone because it’s easier to scroll through the pages with my phone’s optical trackpad – no spilling soup or drinks on pages. And when I want to read a couple of pages before going to sleep, it’s easier on Kobo – no wrinkled pages, no wondering the next day what page you stopped.

I’m still starting to collect free ebooks on Kobo, free because I’m kuripot like that! And here are a few I’ve hoarded so far.

Images from | Collage effect by

I hope I have the time to finish these classics I’ve always wanted to read. Well, except for Edmond Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac because I have a copy of the book and I can’t get enough reading it over and over again (one of my forever loves). Haha.

Hard bound books still remain my first love but for those times when my phone’s all I have, it’s nice to know that Jane Austen, Emily Dickinson or Edmond Rostand are just a click away – and then I’m in book heaven.


5 thoughts on “Love and compression

  1. I think that app is great. You can read anywhere and anytime. I also tried reading an ebook on my phone but I stopped doing that. My eyes hurt because the font in my phone are soooo small. Are the fonts in your blackberry enough for you to read and won’t hurt your eyes?

    • Or maybe there are other good ebook reader apps suited for your phone that allow you to customize font size so you can read the ebooks with ease. 🙂

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