Tonight, I love you

It’s the song title I picked for day 4 of my love blogging because it starts with “It’s a beautiful night…” During the drive home from school, I couldn’t help but notice how hauntingly beautiful the moon looked tonight that it stirred something inside, something forgotten from long ago… that slight skip of the heart, that silly smile I couldn’t wipe off, those words and thoughts coming back again.


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I love the moon. Back in college, I’d stay out late on the lawn, gazing at the moon and stars, alone with my thoughts. Out under the dark star-speckled sky, there was this inexplicable serenity inside. My moon and star-gazing moments were my solace from the daily grind of college life. That was then. Looking at the moon earlier, I kind of longed for those times. I could use a lot of those moments now. But somehow, I just couldn’t find it in myself anymore to be alone under the moon with my thoughts. Who knows, maybe one night…

Tonight though, seeing the moon brought in memories of a poem I scribbled some six years back, inspired by the moon and the things it conjures up. I haven’t written poems in so long. So, here’s to remembering what was…

A glistening pearl – the moon.

Her radiance dancing on my eyelashes

beckoning tears I vowed

I never again would shed for you.

Oh if ever I were eloquent,

I would speak to her about you.

But I cower

and instead, wish that as she keeps watch

over the still night,

her light would shine in my heart

unfolding everything it holds for you.

And you,

you who have always been eloquent,

speak to her tonight…

for she has so much to tell you.

I dug up other old poems too. Oh my gawd, I was brimming with sentimental crap back then it cracks me up now. Haha.


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