Push out the jive, bring in the love

Day 3 of blogging on things that I love. In case you haven’t noticed, the blog titles I’ve chosen are song titles from my playlist with love in them. Love Like This by Natasha Bedingfield, Love and Despair by Wolfgang and today’s Push Out the Jive, Bring in the Love by Lostprophets.

Today, I’m bringing in the love by giving props to my dearest and coolest blogging friends in my blogroll:

Ai is toastedpeanuts at Multiply, where we first began our online blogging friendship. She now blogs Of Tangled Neurons and Depleted Cerebrospinal Fluid at Blogspot which I think is medical jargon for blogging about her medical journey and all the fun, interesting and inspiring things that come along with it. She was a younger batch from the same high school and I only knew her then as my best friend’s younger sister’s best friend. Eventually, I would come to know that this future wonder doctor is a fun-loving, spirited lady with so much zest for life who pursues her dreams with such passion. I am amazed at how she handles hospital duty stress and still manages to have fun. How does she do it? There’s only one way to find out — read her blog!


Ate Di is the blogger extraordinaire behind The Ocean of my Being. With over seven years of blogging under her belt, I remember being in awe of her and her writing when I came across her blog years before. Who is this amazing blogger from MSU who was also friends with Ala Paredes who designed her blog template? Thanks to Multiply and the fact that she and my best friends teach in the same English Department of MSU CSSH, I finally got to meet this one helluva cool woman. She exudes passion, intensity and wisdom in her writing, it just inspires you. I love that she loves pink so much, it’s so endearing but has that empowered woman’s spunk to show that she’s not your typical pink-loving girly girl.


Ate Karl is Marawi Girl. I like to think of her as the Wonder Girl in my blog roll. A wonder girl in her career, she balances teaching and administrative duties amazingly. A wonder family girl, she is a wonderful role model as a daughter, big sister, and now wife – her love story launched a thousand romantic sighs, especially among us who are “fans” of the love team that is Shaw and Karla. A wonder writer, her blog posts are filled with inspiration, especially when she shares the wisdom and lessons she has learned from her Nanay and Tatay. And I’m sure when the time comes, she’ll be wonder mom too!


I met Aya in Manila some three or four years ago during one of the MSU Alumni gatherings. Thanks to common friends, we became blogging buddies over at Multiply. Her blog, ayathought makes for one great read. Thoughtful, sincere and profound, her writing talent is impressive, like she’s beyond the other young women of her age. Whether she’s writing a review about a battery charger or a deeper exploration of emotions, her posts are such a jewel to read, striking the perfect balance between humor and profundity. I hope she updates her WordPress blog, Jatot, soon.


Bee and I go a looong way back. Best friends since high school, we’ve added blogging to the many things that we both love in common. Having gone through many blog changes (another thing we have in common), she has finally found her own Beehive at Blogspot where she chronicles the lighter side of B, serving as her solace and escape from her career which has turned her into a very busy bee. In her own beehive, she answers to no one. She is her own queen B.


What’s strange is reading Dan’s Conversations With a Stranger doesn’t feel like listening to a stranger. On the contrary, it’s kind of listening to a deeper emotional conversation that is both familiar and unique. Familiar because at one point or another, we might have had some of these conversations with ourselves too. Unique because it’s atypical to hear this from a guy’s point of view. Either way, his conversations make for great reads – and a bit of pondering.


KitsK to Success is proof that not all peer-pressure is bad for you. Finally giving in to our (B and I – but mostly B) prodding to start a blog of her own, dear best friend K has unleashed the hidden blogger in her. Heartwarming and endearing, Kits’ blog lets you in into her family life, career and friendships.  While she contemplates on achieving success, I think as a wonderful daughter, sister, wife, mother and best friend, rolled into one amazing person that is her, she has already found  the K to success.


Zahara, as she describes herself in her blog Scarlet’s Walk, is a pessimist by heart, cynic by choice. Z makes no compromises in her fashion choices. This fabulous blogger collects Toms shoes and Havaianas slippers, plans to fill her closet with Mango clothes and loves Marc Jacobs to absolute pieces. Her blog follows her new adventure to as she tries to make a mark in fashion, travel and lifestyle, among others. And in her Toms-shodden feet, I know she’ll go places.

I’d also like to make a shout-out to a new addition to my blogroll: Khal and her new blog.

Hurray for taking on the 30-day blog challenge!




13 thoughts on “Push out the jive, bring in the love

  1. (blush) thanks for including me here, ts. free publicity. lol.
    glad to know khal is now starting to blog 🙂 will update my blogroll 🙂
    cheers to blogging!

  2. wow, thanks for the ink dee.:) i’m flattered, and encouraged at the same time, to continue writing even if the ‘phase’ ends (hopefully, to a better conclusion). your blog is so much fun and please keep them coming. thanks again.:)

  3. hehe, jatot came to be for the sole purpose of following the 30-day blog challenge you’ve posted atty. hahaha! is this another challenge? guess i’m leaning to get rolling again 😀 thanks for the inspiration too! much love atty…

    • Hehe. I guess we’ll have challenges once in a while to keep our blogging exciting. Will be some sort of blog bonding for us too, right? 🙂

  4. Yaaaaaayy! I’m more than honored to be included here, Ate Dee. :)) Thank you sooo much! And I’m more than glad to know that Khal is now in blogspot! Whoa-oh! 🙂

    • Awww. You’re welcome, Ai! I’m also honored to have such great blogging pals. Parang blogspot vs. wordpress na itey, no? Hehe.

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