Day 13 – Your favorite musician and why?

This is tough.

I have a lot of favorites and this is the kind of question that would have me probably rattling off all the bands /artists/singers I can remember taking up a good 6.4 gigabytes on my netbook drive and looping in my Rhythmbox music player (Ubuntu geek here). Or you can save me all the trouble and just look them up here.

And if you would have to ask me why, I like them all because, well, I just do. I have split music personalities so to say. Some days, cacophony sounds like a sweet symphony, I like them blaring, ear-blasting loud. Other days, I like them mature-sounding and pensive. Some days, I prefer them bluesy, cheesy and senti. Some days, my ears just crave for something that’s easy to listen to.

But sticking out from among them is this one band that’s altogether unique with a genre you can’t quite put your finger to, they’re almost a class of their own – UP DHARMA DOWN with its talented singer/songwriter, Armi Millare.


Up Dharma Down had me at Oo back in college. I guess you could call it love-at-first-listen. I’ve liked them since because despite my ever-changing moods in music, I always find myself in the mood for their songs which have that easy-listening vibe with thoughtful, well-written lyrics to boot. Nostalgic, poignant yet relaxing at the same time, their songs reel you in and keep you hooked. I often find myself putting them on loop in my player. And yes, I’m still a sucker for Oo.


8 thoughts on “Day 13 – Your favorite musician and why?

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  2. when i first heard up dharma down, i didn’t liked their music. her voice reminds me of bubbles. hehe.. but then after awhile, they start to grow on you.. very relaxing.. and they have cool videos.. not so pinoy-ish hehehe

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