Day 7 – Your dream wedding

Family, best friends and all dear friends present on the special day. An all-white wedding. White flowers and soft white lighting in the church and simple decor along the pews – no tall candelabras or huge, bushy floral arrangements, please. Church ceremony and wedding reception begin on time. An indoor, air-conditioned reception but with an airy, light, outdoorsy feel – lots of white flowers, sheer fabric curtains and draping, and white lanterns. A carefully planned seating arrangement and place card for each guest in the reception so friends sit together with friends and no one will feel out of place. Wonderful music. Lots of bubbly. Scrumptious and well-prepared menu. Elegant table setting. No buffet – only plated service so guests remain conveniently seated. A memorable, fun-filled affair for everyone. And most importantly: no gate-crashing photographers who snap photos of guests and have them buy their pictures at the end of the reception. Haha.


4 thoughts on “Day 7 – Your dream wedding

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  2. i agree with the gatecrashing photographers. as if naman dili ka ka.afford to get an official photographer and as if your guests won’t bring their digicams.:) i’d like to add, a good wedding planner para dili ka mastress sa imong most special day.

    • Haha. Those photographers seem to come out of nowhere. Next thing you know, everyone’s pictures are out there displayed. Plus they take the most unflattering shots. Ugh.

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