Not another new blog.

How many blogs are started and left hanging in the world wide web, ending up as gaping holes waiting to be filled with entries?

Two, three, or maybe four of these are mine – blogs I started for some purpose or reason: a creative distraction of sorts, a less personal alternative writing space from my two-year old private blog, a school notebook slash journal, wanting to try a new blogging site. But these blogs ended just as soon as I have launched them with a few entries. Some died with the ‘delete blog’ option, some are left stranded online for good, gathering cyberspace cobwebs because I haven’t updated or visited them in so long, I forgot the username and password altogether.

Now, another blog is born. I honestly have no plans for this blog except that this will be an expression of me, Dee. And I guess that’s a good thing because I will set no expectations, no pressures on this blog. It will just be sharing about me, what I like/love/loathe/want/feel/think, whenever I feel like it. And to keep things generally light, there won’t be TMI moments here.

So if you’ve stumbled upon this blog by chance, Hi, I am Dee. Welcome. And to my blogging friends, sorry for being fickle but I guess you’ll have to change links again. Teehee.


One thought on “Not another new blog.

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